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Some screens from test version playtests.

Community member Neat has made a few videos with tips for new players wondering how to get into playing the combat classes! If you’re a bit lost at how some of the finer points work and have a half hour to spare then give them a look.

Neat wrote:

Basically the reason I died a lot was because I was narrating live so my mind was on two things. I’m not sure how I can do post narration yet, but if I figure it out I might use that instead so I can show people how to play while undistracted.

Any comments?

Here’s a link to the forum thread:

Test build released

I decided to release a test build parallel to the public version of KAG. You have the opportunity to play the latest dev release. There will be only a Windows version and we can play on my dev server (up to 12 players). So the testing is limited.

Be warned that there might be unexpected bugs that won’t allow to play the game.

With the first test version I want to test all the new features I added recently. Mainly CTF and the new collapsible physics code.


CTF is simpler than on the draft below. There is only one flag once 1 player is on each side.

Please post bugs/opinions about the test version on the forums. Please add a [TEST] marker in the topic so we know what version it refers to.

The changelog is located in the KAG directory in the file readme.txt. Please read it so that you know what has been added and don’t post confusing bug reports.

Download link.

Install this into a directory other than your default KAG installation eg. C:KAG_TEST
Later on updates for the dev release will be fetched automatically. My plan is to update this everyday if possible.

Woohoo! A really positive review appeared on DIYGamer.

Woohoo! A really positive review appeared on DIYGamer.


Construction support

I’ve made a support system which means when you build something it will require support every few blocks so that it does not defy the laws of gravity. It is a very simple thing, the constructed block just falls when it is not properly supported. This will probably be the end of skybridges because they will be a lot harder to make.

This will be next release. I’m also coding a full physics engine for the blocks which means you will be able to bring down an entire castle if you destroy its supporting walls. That will come in the next few weeks.

Next release will introduce Capture the Flag gamemode. This is a draft/concept, not necessarily how it will look like.

Build 57 released

Lots of modifications, fixes and additions in this version. It’s best if you try it yourself. Updates download automatically once you start the game/server.

Gold sacks can’t go behind tent now.
This is added because the game will be more interesting if the sacks are in front of the team spawn instead of being hidden at the side of the map.

The most obvious new thing is gibbable (is that a word?) corpses and a radius of sight which allows you to spot yer gold easier.

Changes 51-57:

– fixed local player globally banned when bot banned
– my player is highlited in players list
– dead player collision radius is smaller
– build block cursor blink red if not enough material
– bomb now gibs people
– new death fall frame
– fixed ping kick not kicking
– bedrock layer lays on the bottom of each map
– modified bedrock look and amount
– bedrock bomb destroying leaves rocks
– bubble emote shows for 2 seconds after pressing key
– added mandatory vote kick typed reason
– vote caster displayed in vote box
– number of votes displayed
– vote dissapears if passes
– added radius of sight into earth
– fixed network errors and previous release lag
– added dirt block [experimental]
– added new config variable m_generator; specifies the map generator config file (default: “Scripts/generator.cfg”)
– knight destruction is 50% slower
– thick rock has its own destruction animation and takes longer to harvest
– thick rock takes 6 hits
– rock digging takes 5 hits
– ground digging takes 3 hits
– door needs 5 wood and 3 stone
– ladder needs 4 wood (10 in tree block)
– destroyed door gives 1 wood and 1 stone less
– trees are higher (more wood)
– sacks cannot go behind team tent
– cannot carry own team’s sack on to the enemy side of the map
– health is synced over network
– fixed sack team changed on client when picked up
– changed chat font
– increased small font size
– fixed mouse cursor stuck in menu
– if hit someone map isn’t hit

Healing heart evaluation

Time to evaluate one of the experimental features the healing heart. Cast you vote!

<!– Should the healing heart popping out of a dead enemy stay?online survey –>

A new HUD draft/concept.

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