Maniac released on PC

Gamers around the world are gearing up for an adrenaline-pumping experience as MANIAC, the highly anticipated action roguelite game, is set to launch on Steam on March 28, 2024. Developed by Transhuman Design, MANIAC combines the fun and lunacy of classic top-down Grand Theft Auto with the “just one more try” addictive nature of Vampire Survivors. And the best part? All of this insanity is only going to cost you as much as a fancy cup of coffee. MANIAC will retail for just $4.99 USD! “MANIAC is my dream game because you start by escaping a hospital, get chased by the police, FBI, and eventually end up with the entire military declaring war on you and launching a nuclear strike to stop you. How crazy can it get?” explains Transhuman’s Michal Marcinkowski. MANIAC will be available for purchase on Steam starting March 28, 2024 for the incredibly low price of $4.99 USD. For more information about the game, please visit the Steam Page.

WATCH THE TRAILER: MANIAC announcement trailer

Soldat released on PC

Soldat 2 is a 2D deathmatch shooter with real guns, ragdoll violence and physics-based movement. Based on classic Soldat with team game modes, ranked multiplayer, bots, community driven-development and built-in customization and level editing. Made by MM – creator of the original. Subscribe for more news!

Official home page with all the links:
Join the Soldat 2 Discord server!
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Checkout Soldat 2 devlog:    • Devlog  


Soldat 2 “Total Rehaul” TEASER 

Build 1865 – Engine Update, Sponges in TDM, Windows Modded Server Fixes

Hey folks,

A smaller build today, mostly technical stuff.

The main game-side change is the addition of sponges to TDM. This has been requested by players as a counter to water. Sponges cost 20 coins by default in TDM.

The TDM “economy” (if it can be called that) has also been slightly reworked. The minimum coins on spawn has been dropped to 20 – meaning you can’t afford most items without some kills. There has also been a maximum imposed on coins, which is currently set to 200. This is to stop curb-stomping players from accruing hundreds of coins and spamming items just before they leave, leading to a non-game for other participants. The maximum is applied on respawn (not constantly) – so if you save extra during a game, you can still use them to finish things off.

For context, someone with 200 coins can still afford 2 kegs, or 4 mines, or 8 water arrows, or 4 bomb arrows, or 10 bombs; more than enough for any reasonable in-game usage.

Sponges are now in stock in TDM! Prices have changed as well, see in store for details!

The latest engine changes have also been pulled in, which means that the snap-pixels bug should finally be history, modded servers on windows now correctly download mods when specified from the API, TCPR can now handle lines up to 16kb (important for any i/o heavy tcpr based mods).

Mac users may also have a proper icon now, please let us know if that actually worked or not. Should be a little Henry head on an orange background.

These changes are, at always, up for discussion. Let us know what you think on the forums!

Have Fun!

KAG – Build 1859 – Sponge Defense and Various Fixes

Hey KAG Folk!

Just a small build today, fixing a few bugs and tweaking one map in particular. There’s also an experimental change in there for water-haters, so pay attention. The build should be out on all platforms in about half an hour (as of post time)

Sponges now “absorb” most of a water-stun if they’re in your inventory. The sponge is destroyed, and the stun time is reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1.5 seconds. This allows you to counter particularly water-heavy players. If it becomes particularly important, we might need some sort of visual indicator that you’re carrying sponges, but as it stands we see it as a similar “ace in the hole” to whipping out a bomb mid-fight (or a water bomb).

Clean yourself up quick-smart against water-spam tactics with sponges.

Full Changelog:

[modified] some changes to CerberosRift following community feedback
[fixed] shield-bashing multiple overlapped boulders sending you to space
[fixed] tunnel-grapple "archer fling"
[removed] a heap of unused maps
	(from maps/, that had been around since classic)
[fixed] bug in kickafk that _could_ (but generally wouldn't) crash the server
	+ disabled kicking local player (no more disconnect when you leave sandbox to get a cup of tea)
[added] carrying a sponge partially protects you from water stuns
	(1 sponge per stun, sponge is destroyed, stun is reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s)

Have Fun!

Trench Run Build 16 Released!

A round of most important fixes.

If you haven’t tried out the game yet we have an offer to KAG players for 30% off Trench Run! Use the code KAGLOVE30 when buying Trench Run here to claim your discount. As always, you can retrieve a steam key from the panel should you prefer to play your games through steam.

– lobby bug fixes
– sniper bot a bit less perfect
– map fixes
– wrong series-end conditions in cases of many ties

*we are aware of the “singleplayer crashes after playing multiplayer” bug, it will be fixed as soon as we find a solution*

Have fun!



KAG Build 1830 – A Few Weeks’ Tweaks and TR Offer

Hey guys! With the Trench Run release out of the way, we’ve been able to spend a little bit of time rounding out a KAG release. It should be out in the next hour or so on all platforms.

This release features a round of bugfixes and “finally” some balance measures on the ballista!

Still deadly, but less spammable!

  • Ballista and bolts now cost quite a lot more. The upgrade is also more expensive.
    This is intended to allow them to keep their role of dominating the battlefield in short bursts, without being prone to bolt-spam and spawn spam.
  • Several bugs fixed with overlapping multiple Ballistae.
  • Chat “…” bubble is now back – except for team-chat, which can be used for stealth tunnel planning
  • BunnieTDM lighting has been modified by 8x after community complaints
  • The “Surrender” vote is no longer bugged – please check this is indeed fixed but all investigations we’ve done show it working as expected. It seemed to be relying on a bad seclev. Hopefully this means less end-of-game griefing and gives players a better “gg” out than nextmapping – a team can decide to throw it in together rather than relying on the enemy accepting.
  • TDM no longer “soft locks” when everybody dies at the same time
  • v_camera_ints setting saves now for those who prefer the camera working that way

    Officially extending the hand to KAG players everywhere to try Trench Run!

    There is also a one-time popup window which we will use for giving important information as required – we’re currently using it to plug an offer extended to KAG players for 30% off Trench Run! Use the code KAGLOVE30 when buying Trench Run here to claim your discount. As always, you can retrieve a steam key from the panel should you prefer to play your games through steam.

    Have Fun!

    Max & Michal

    Trench Run Build 15 Released!

    Mandatory after-launch patch with some good bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Also lets celebrate the Steam launch with a  -50% sale on the in-game items.
    Have fun!
    And invite friends!


    [added] lobby players in other games in scoreboard
    [modified] a bit quicker team briefing in Run
    [modified] improved medic bot AI
    [modified] bots arent so afraid of remote bomb
    [added] slightly better steam auth error handling
    [removed] unranked servers button (temporarily)
    [modifed] blinking healing icon
    [modified] lobby music plays infinitely until someone makes it stop

    PS. Please e-mail if you bought TR earlier and you want a Steam key.

    Trench Run Steam Release

    It’s finally here folks!

    If you’ve been waiting for “more players”, the wait is over. Trench Run debuts on Steam today! Get it on the Steam Store Page with a 10% launch discount! Alternatively, if you buy direct, we’ll send you a steam key as soon as we can (and you can play with the steam players in the meantime).

    If you like the game, please consider leaving a positive review on steam, or sharing the news with friends; it really helps us out!

    For music lovers, the game’s soundtrack by Paul Zimmerman of Sounds for Pixels is also available for purchase over on Bandcamp for 4 euros or more! Included are bonus tracks and high quality mp3 and flac downloads!

    Features, for the Unfamiliar:

    • Unique team-based “Run” mode for 2-10 players
    • Free-for-all Skirmish mode for 1-4 players (perfect for a fun evening with friends)
    • 5 classes with special skills to choose from (Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, Commando and Medic)
    • Semi-random destructible maps
    • Down on the ground? Grab a medikit and continue fighting!
    • Play basketball and meet new friends between rounds
    • Spend coins on drinks and cigarettes from the VIP bar
    • Buy unique costumes and pet animals
    • Online and Local couch-based multiplayer available
    • Designed to be easy to pick up and play, but deep enough to play seriously


    See you at the Bar!

    Max, Michał, and everyone at THD.

    Steam Achievements, latest update, sale on Steam

    Hey everyone!

    The build we released before the weekend should curb some of the issues people have had with the graphics code, it also adds a few more achievement fixes, fixes a few menu issues, and makes localhost mods work again, which is important for testing them and for offline modded play.

    Let us know here if you continue to have issues, please!

    KAG Achievements

    Also, to celebrate the Steam Achievements update, you can now grab KAG for 15% off on Steam.

    Here’s the full changelog:

    [fixed] save the princess fade out
    [fixed] save the princess flashing screen
    [removed] eternal love (princess kissing after death)
    [added] achievement unlock sound
    [fixed] servers browser and settings overlapping esc menu
    [modified] servers browser and settings center on screen
    [fixed] problems with CTF mapcycle
    [fixed] crash on warboat unpack
    [fixed] warboat unpack counting as cap
    [added] achievement unlock sound
    [fixed] localhost mods not working
    [modified] no border forced on windowed mode (too many complaints)
    [modified] screen forcibly resized is just a warning now, doesn't change any values


    Have Fun!


    Trench Run – Build 12 – Pets + Toys, More Maps, Costumes and Drunkenness


    This is most likely the last patch before a major Steam release which we’re aiming at Thursday next week (no promises though). This build provides lots of fixes including engine fixes from KAG (like resolution bugs). We also added an Australia + Oceania region, so come play with nicer pings if you are from there :). Class balance feels very good now, but if you have issues feel free to comment on forums.



    Get Trench Run here
    (if you haven’t yet).


    [modified] hover messages dont draw background for short-lived messages
    [fixed] truck help msgs errors
    [fixed] bot names and portraits in Run briefing
    [added] generic sound for every parachute drop
    [added] basketball bounces off map edge
    [added] can drink up to 20 in the VIP bar (its your funeral)
    [fixed] a bunch of stuff dying if it went off the edge too fast
    [updated] readme with new facts
    [modified] drink decay time is 5min
    [added] dog & bunny & parrot
    [added] buying pet toys
    [added] dog fetching behaviour
    [modified] remotebomb has same HP as a soldier
    [added] coffee stand to the lobby
    [added] can't move when healing
    [added] short stun after healed
    [added] heal indicator
    [added] can't heal when flying in air
    [added] temporary icon indicator for healing
    [modified] hover messages appear slightly higher
    [modified] x_x hover message appears much higher
    [added] chat gets drunk if player is really drunk
    [modified] improved drunk filter
    [fixed] medic throwing supplies fucked up
    [added] cpu indicator to scoreboard (in ping column)
    [added] commando can disarm remote bombs
    [dev] fixed console spam on mac
    [modified] much better drunk shader (drunken GUI!)
    [added] new desert backdrop
    [modified] renamed Engineer to Demolitions
    [added] quality of life - can hit enter and esc to skip titles
    [fixed] bug in mountains where some tiles weren't solid
    [modified] commando swipes can be aimed up/down+diagonals (really useful for pro movement)
    [added] wins/losses leaderboards
    [modified] lobby map a lot - its much less wide and basketball stuff is in the middle now - WIP
    [added] map3 for city and desert in skirmish
    [added] forest, mountain, swamp map3 skirmish
    [added] trenches map3 skirmish
    [added] village skirmish map3
    [added] AU lobby/region
    MM & Geti

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