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More Zombies Updates! Also, patch explanation.

I know, I know you all scanned every letter of that last patch for zombie related goodies and then punched your screens in collective rage at the lack of undead to slaughter. I hate no zombies just as much as the next guy.

The patch was forced by a few unsavoury types exploiting a bug that allowed them to impersonate both members of the staff and community. We took it upon ourselves to work a few of the fixes that we’ve had to postpone for zombies into the emergency patch. Mark-kicking now works again, netcode should be a little smoother, a few server browser bugs have been fixed…

Hopefully that addresses most of the issues until we can release the undead upon you (or you upon the undead, depending on how good at fighting you happen to be).

Speaking of the undead:

They seem to be packing their bags…

They should be on your doorstep in your autopatcher early February. Keep an eye out 🙂 This will be a scaled-back release so that we can show you what we’ve got so far and take a break from working night and day on these guys – it’ll still contain hundreds of undead to heartlessly murder, wang dungeons (snicker) to explore and a collaborative focus, just know that there’s more coming.

A heads up: once they arrive the price of a premium account will increase from $9.99 to $12.50. The discount will therefore be 50%.

After payment you should INSTANTLY get a gift code to your e-mail. You can use this code to make your account FULL and get Zombies right the minute they arrive.


Free accounts from G+ to get the ball rolling!

Shadlington has set up a competition on the google plus page, the rules and where to sign up can be found here! Good luck!

Zombies progress

Today we were solving some gameplay issues with zombies. This mode is hard to do because the whole game world is random. There is a lot of issues that we must predict and make it work. This is NOT gonna be a dumb game like something in Flash where you just stand on a fort and mindless zombies come at you. The zombies are gonna be part of this random world and you are the intruder. This is going to be an adventure in its own right.


Free Indie Game of the Year 2011 IGM – King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold aka KAG is officially free indie game of the year in IGM’s Readers choice (click for official link). It seems players love the game already despite being in alpha stage. So this is just the beginning. Thanks to all that voted.


Voting has still not ended at JayIsGames so do that now (CLICK) and support your favorite multiplayer game! You can vote once a day so do it again if you have already.

Have fun!