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Next version will make more sense.

Meaning, there will be a winning condition and the game rules will be slightly different. The gameplay will hopefully be even more interesting.

Also there will be another offensive weapon codenamed WMD 🙂

Still problems with the master server, so no servers list for now :(.


Having some temporary problems with the master server, so you won’t be able to update the servers list. Should be up again soon.

You can paste your server address in the comments if you want people to join now.

Linux client available

You can now play King Arthur’s Gold on Linux. Let me know if it works (or doesn’t). I haven’t tested it really that much.

Download KAG for Linux

Build 32 released

This release introduces…

You get 3 of these on respawn or resupply at tent. Throw by pointing mouse and holding & then releasing [F] key (default). It might be a good idea, in the future, to buy these for gold or something.

Besides that, this version has lots and lots of big bug fixes.

Also you can now vote for map restart or load a map during the game on your server as admin.

Changes build 30-32:

– added bombs for knight (hold & release [F] key)
– fixed sprite graphics glitch on older video cards
– louder bow pull sound
– increased precision of network object velocities
– fixed some map collision bugs
– fixed teleporting inside map
– optimized collision code
– fixed arrow map collisions
– added fast arrow springy sound hit
– added team emblem graphics on team pick
– resources on HUD are drawn in multiple rows now
– available blocks on HUD now drawn in lower part of screen
– fixed ladder placing not working sometimes
– fixed readme.txt not auto-updated
– added map restart command (restartmap)
– added map load command (loadmap [name])
– added map save command (savemap [name])
– added server send message to all players (msg [text])
– added vote map restart
– changed minimap colors
– dead not displayed on minimap
– can’t resupply in enemy tent, only change class

End game

My biggest design challenge right now is how to end the game. As you know the point of the game is to collect more gold than the opposing team, but there is no limit were the game actually ends. This is because it is a waste to suddenly end the map and restart it. All the stuff people built will vanish.

There are several possibilities I have in mind (feel free to add yours):

  • vote restart – the map is only restarted after enough people vote to play a clean map
  • team swap – map is not restarted, but after a certain limit is reached red and blue are swapped
  • after the gold limit is reached the losing team gets a new tent on the opposite side

Let me explain that last one. The map wouldn’t actually be restarted. The winning team would stay in its castle. But the losing team would lose their whole base. All of their structures would come to the winning side (doors would be replaced automatically). The losers now move onto the opposite side and start on a fresh ground.

Now what happens if the losers on second round win? They return back to their original base? No, because returning to old castles is boring. They win everything and the new losers respawn again on their opposite side. And so on and so on…

The biggest problem with this is that I’ll have to recode how the maps are done to allow infinite maps. Right now they have fixed size.

What do you think?

Build 30 released

Griefer vote kicking is here!

Changes build 28-30:

– added kick voting (select in mainmenu [ESC], no [F11] yes [F12])
– added server kick command (kick [playername] [minutes])
– player respawns as last selected class
– sack on back is more visible
– added tent flag animation
– tent is now in front of players
– added variable descriptions in
– all doors placed vertically open when player touches
– player names forced to be unique
– fixed holes appearing after loading a map
– doors require 30 wood & 30 stone (previously 50 each)

I think the readme.txt doesn’t get updated, I need to fix that. In the meantime here is the full readme file.

More autosaved maps from the official server. You can grab these after playing from the file Base/Maps/autosave.png

Build 28 released

New version released. It will auto-update once you start the game.
Most important changes are: the view is different because it follows the mouse, zooming is different, prevented some exploits and spawn camping and some graphical improvements. Take a look.

King Arthur's Gold

Changes build 24-28:

– zoom in/out keys work by tapping now
– zoom in/out by default is mouse wheel (previously left ctrl/shift)
– default view is dynamic; follows mouse cursor
– darker backgrounds
– health doesn’t decrease client-side (false hits not registered)
– minimap is more translucent
– players inside tent are immune
– fixed cursor displaying on other players
– fixed map generator getting stuck on small maps
– optimized sack network updates
– fixed not being able to connect again after failed connect
– changed HUD material graphics to tiles
– trees regrow faster
– hill height is independent from map height
– gold tile is more golden
– fixed empty tiles in ground background
– tweaked map generation code
– fixed actor behavior on map borders
– more shading on backgrounds
– distant sounds are louder
– health is restored on class switch
– archer digging is slower
– fixed machine gun archer exploit
– team is auto-assigned on join server
– fixed map not drawn entirely on smaller resolutions
– ladder wood usage increased from 2 to 3 (tree block = 10)
– team chat channel is more obvious now in chat window
– smoothed continuous building
– updates download automatically

This is also the first version with a stand-alone dedicated server for Linux. You can grab the server here. Please check readme.txt in the server folder for details about starting and configuring the server.

If you have any problems please post in the comments.

16 players on the official servers! Wow, I think I’ve struck gold 🙂

Running your own KAG server

If you want to host your own server just run from your KAG directory:
dedicated.bat on Windows on Linux (I will release this shortly)

The default port on which the server works is 50301. Be sure to forward this port on your firewall.

Configure your server with these config files:


Some parameters worth considering:
m_width = 290; – map width in tiles
m_height = 110; – map height
m_seed = 0; – map random seed; use 0 for random seed each time
sv_maxplayers = 32;
sv_ip = `0`; – assign a specific IP port or leave 0
sv_port = 50301; – port on which the server listens
sv_rconpassword = “; – rcon password for remote admin
sv_name = `KAG Server`; – the name of your server
sv_info = “; – info description which appears in the servers list


In this file you can specify what map loads on start. To load a specific map use this command (you can load autosave.png after a server crash to start from the previous saved map):
LoadMap( “Maps/autosave.png” );

To generate a random map use this command:
LoadMap( “” );

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