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My biggest design challenge right now is how to end the game. As you know the point of the game is to collect more gold than the opposing team, but there is no limit were the game actually ends. This is because it is a waste to suddenly end the map and restart it. All the stuff people built will vanish.

There are several possibilities I have in mind (feel free to add yours):

  • vote restart – the map is only restarted after enough people vote to play a clean map
  • team swap – map is not restarted, but after a certain limit is reached red and blue are swapped
  • after the gold limit is reached the losing team gets a new tent on the opposite side

Let me explain that last one. The map wouldn’t actually be restarted. The winning team would stay in its castle. But the losing team would lose their whole base. All of their structures would come to the winning side (doors would be replaced automatically). The losers now move onto the opposite side and start on a fresh ground.

Now what happens if the losers on second round win? They return back to their original base? No, because returning to old castles is boring. They win everything and the new losers respawn again on their opposite side. And so on and so on…

The biggest problem with this is that I’ll have to recode how the maps are done to allow infinite maps. Right now they have fixed size.

What do you think?

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