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Map autosaving

Maps are autosaved on the server. So do not worry about your creations being lost. Here are the last two amazing maps.

You can download these and place them in the KAG/Base/Maps folder to play them.


First multiplayer gameplay footage. There were 4 of us playing. Mainly fighting. Was great fun!

First gameplay screenshots! I didn’t think somebody would manage to mine the whole map, but there you go 🙂

Build 24 released

Change build 22-24:

– added picking up old arrows
– start arrows increased to 10
– arrows can’t be fired immediately
– archer & knight can now dig in dirt
– fixed crash near body
– removed dynamic camera from archer
– added health display
– arrow are faster
– ground acceleration is higher
– destroying castle walls & doors takes twice the time
– fixed sack disappearing with dead carrier
– fixed not being able to pickup sack from dead carrier
– increased corpse time

Tutorial Poster

1st screenshots

King Arthur’s Gold

On 6th May 2011 the first release of this new 2D multiplayer-only RTS/building game.

King Arthur's Gold

The goal of the game is to collect or steal gold and store it in castles.
Or something like that. Hope you like it.


  • 32 people multiplayer
  • 2 teams (blue & red)
  • 3 classes (knight, archer & builder)
  • dig for resources
  • build castles from stone
  • chop trees for wood and arrows
  • mine for gold and store it in vaults
  • pixel-art retro style graphics

    Download: (4.9MB)

    Requirements: Windows, OpenGL


    This is where it started

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