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[KAG] Sangfroid Montage – Tender is the Knight

For anyone wondering about the current state-of-the-art in knighting, this is it, set to nice music courtesy of KAG Player Sangfroid! Sick keg drops, massive streaks, and an unbelievable capture denial make this a must watch.


Storm2D Public Alpha released!

Download it for free from

[wpvideo Vbl8CXxU]

Storm – penetrating rambo bow

Development is coming along well – We’ve added customisable game modes, new character class abilities and redone a lot of the weapons. Download for free from

Next things I’ll be working on: Mod support and vehicles. 🙂


Mod Example Video

THD Tester Norill today recreated the classic game “Left” in the upcoming example mod “Bomb Voyage!”. We’ve done this a few times already during development to test out the physics but to see it happen emergently during testing brought a happy tear to our eyes :’)


Funny beginners guide, check it out, especially if you just started and wanna learn.


The official King Arthur’s Gold trailer is here. Enjoy.

Give a hand to Kyle Carter (TheDr) for the voiceover and Sebastian Krośkiewicz for the music. Montage by MM.


Gameplay video of the Rapid Team Deathmatch mode. Two teams multiplayer. Knights and archers fighting each other.

This is a work-in-progress video of what will be available in King Arthur’s Gold 1.0 beta. To be released soon, when it’s done.


Footage from the upcoming beta showing various old and new combat moves + bomb and satchel burning stuff… Fire arrows are left out cause aren’t done yet.


New video showing how to build siege weapons and ship them to the enemy island.


New feature video.

Remember about Royal Guard vs The World today!

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