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Build 24 released

Change build 22-24:

– added picking up old arrows
– start arrows increased to 10
– arrows can’t be fired immediately
– archer & knight can now dig in dirt
– fixed crash near body
– removed dynamic camera from archer
– added health display
– arrow are faster
– ground acceleration is higher
– destroying castle walls & doors takes twice the time
– fixed sack disappearing with dead carrier
– fixed not being able to pickup sack from dead carrier
– increased corpse time

Tutorial Poster

1st screenshots

King Arthur’s Gold

On 6th May 2011 the first release of this new 2D multiplayer-only RTS/building game.

King Arthur's Gold

The goal of the game is to collect or steal gold and store it in castles.
Or something like that. Hope you like it.


  • 32 people multiplayer
  • 2 teams (blue & red)
  • 3 classes (knight, archer & builder)
  • dig for resources
  • build castles from stone
  • chop trees for wood and arrows
  • mine for gold and store it in vaults
  • pixel-art retro style graphics

    Download: (4.9MB)

    Requirements: Windows, OpenGL


    This is where it started

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