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Zombie gamemode added! Storm2D 0.050 Alpha coming soon.

Happy Easter!

New wall run + jump move.

Michael attended few days ago an event at “Pixel Heaven” in Warsaw. He showed there our amazing game, KAG…and guess what? We won the first prize as the best Indie Game. Congratulations!

You can see more photos of our event here – CLICK!

Full article about the event (in Polish) – CLICK!


Happy Birthday, Game.

It’s been a very long two years, and we’re not done helping you grow up yet, but it’s been an amazing journey so far!

Sorry for almost forgetting your special day. Enjoy your cake; we know it isn’t much, but we were so busy picking bugs out of your hair (as usual) that we barely had time!

While it’s easy to look through rose tinted glasses at the past (remember +16 bombs on incarnum’s?), we feel that your glory days are still to come, and might be just around the corner. We’ll know (and you’ll know) when you’re ready.

Love, Max and Michal.

KAG is 2 years old now! Let’s celebrate. We as developers are so busy with working on the new version that we have almost missed it but our fans remembered! Here is a discussion thread:



Done. Video soon.

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