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How to craft a raft – upcoming features in KAG 1.0

Royal Guard vs The World: January 4th

Holiday 9.99$ Promotion & Internal Beta Announcement


December 21, 2012 – To celebrate the holidays, we’ve decided to lower the price of King Arthur’s Gold to $9.99! Huzzah! If you already have a Gold account, thank you! Consider gifting it to a friend.

To buy gold account which means getting full access to all the features + full version when it is out, just go to this page (CLICK). You can pay with PayPal, Amazon, Google or Mobile phone.

Other good news includes King Arthur’s Gold officially entering the beta phase!

Working right through armageddon, we’ve finally completed the new engine and all the content. The game is looking better than ever, with many new features including: new art, a new game-mode, completely rewritten water simulation, mountable vehicles, dynamic soundtrack, and lots more.

Of course, the most important addition has been the implementation of the insanely powerful AngelScript scripting library. 99% of the new gameplay mechanics have been created using this language and virtually all aspects of gameplay can be customized by the community.

We can’t wait to show you, but it’s still a little too early to release it to the public. In the meantime we’ll be doing internal tests and we’ll have some gameplay videos to show you soon, followed by a preview of the scripting engine, with a public release of the beta to come shortly after. The wait won’t be much longer – We promise!

Happy Holidays!

KAG Team

Vote for KAG on IndieDB now

Hey, you should vote right now for KAG on IndieDB for the Game of the Year Award. We are in the top 100 list of the best indie games of the year. Just open this, scroll down to the big vote button and CLICK it:

There’s just a few hours left, so do it now, especially if you’re not sure you already voted or not.

Announcing King Arthur’s Golden Holiday Giveaway!

Happy holidays!

For ten days, starting today and ending on Christmas, we’ll be giving away a golden key each day to two of our most loyal subjects. What does this key unlock? The best holiday gift of all of course! Access to all of the wonderful features of King Arthur’s Gold!

Follow these simple rules and if you’re a good boy or girl (and a bit lucky), you’ll be filling your home with the joyous sounds of zombies moaning and powder-kegs exploding during the holidays!

1. Like/+1 our page on facebook or G+.
2. Join our steam group which you can find here:

Winners will be chosen from our Steam group at random each day and contacted via Steam (by user gC.Furai), so make sure your account is active!

Even if you already have a gold account, you are still eligible. Because what could possibly be a better gift to a friend than a gift of gold?

Be sure to let all of your friends know about this contest. If this is the first time you’ve heard of King Arthur’s Gold – download and play for free here:

So, good luck, and happy holiday wishes from everyone here on the King Arthur’s Gold team!

– Lucas (Furai) & Dave (SirSalami) on behalf of the KAG Team

Winners are (Steam Username Listed):

15th December – David934, I’m Kill You
16th December – [GmT]☢numbers☢™, Ozone Parrot
17th December – CoolcatHedgehog, the_gotham
18th December – debruynvince, earthboundsss
19th December – PumpkingSlice, Kevinatoranator
20th December – MuShRo0m, [kabrňák] Woodbin
21st December – Angron, Caukes
22nd December – Nighthawk, SkyHigh420
23rd December – General Sam, [K]yuu
24th December – [WG] Trollax, pokeblue


Disclaimer: This promotion is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, or Steam. Rules are subject to change.

ArL – Arthurian League

Some of the more stable and prolific clans and players have organised something very special, to play out over the next 5 months or so, a league of competition between the champions of KAG!

We’ll have 42 matches spread over the course of 5 months. If this first season goes good, stuff will hopefully get permanent.

So, there’s a while to wait before the games begin; keep it in the back of your mind, and discuss the league in THIS THREAD


Just another day in the world of KAGDev 🙂

Classic Update – Stability and Increased Modding

Yes yes we all want to see the scripting build out; However, this classic build is the culmination of another few weeks of fixes “when I get time”, working closely with SirSalami, Rayne, Downburst, Arcrave and Strathos. Be sure to chase them around if some variable wasn’t tested enough 😉

This build contains a list of all config variables, something a lot of you have been asking for for a while. It also contains quite a few new variables, including some variables specifically for roleplay/progression servers and one for the DK server (I’m sure you call can guess, if you’ve played it and thought “man I sure do wish those cheaters couldn’t crouch to dodge…”)

  • list_of_config_vars.txt added
  • fixed stomping being instakill sometimes
  • fixed screenshot alpha issues
  • some lighting issues fixed
  • fixed lose wood while mining gold
  • hopefully fixed permbans from console and added appended messages: rcon ban griefer -1 “NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN”
  • fixed able to teamkill by suiciding
  • Added knockback_scale to class config
  • Allowed banning specific classes at the tent (allowed_at_tent for each class config)
  • added knight_reset_timer_on_hit, for Raron who owes his eternal allegiance
  • Updated autobalance logic + fixed typo in balance_teams_on_nextmap
  • Added collide_when_crouching
  • Added stomp_strong_damage, stomp_weak_damage and stomp_vel
  • Added builder_hit_damage, knight_jab_damage, knight_slash_damage, map_indestructible and map_bedrock_indestructible
  • potential fix for wraiths from nowhere bug in ZF
  • fixed abusable console command

Build number should be B590




EDIT: Hotfix pushed to one missing check for the fix to max_bombs, and a bug with mats at tent.

EDIT: another one for an autobalance related crash, hopefully the last for the night but hey, this is Sparta/KAG so anything goes.

Guro-claws’ Happy Christmas Funtime Giveaway + Teasing

So in the spirit of Christmas I have decided to give 25 premium accounts away. I was planning to do an advent calender with like 1 premium account giveaway per day but I’m too lazy so we’ll just have to pretend. I will be giving premium codes away periodically until December 25th seemingly at random. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets. Whatever. It’s on. If you know a lovely fellow who deserves a premium account code but doesn’t use the forums, direct him here!


Seems everyone on KAGForums is getting into the Christmas spirit with competitions and giveaways out the wazzoo. Get in on the action and tell your friends!

CLICK HERE for the forum thread!

Re: Teasing

Don’t worry, we’re planning a Christmas present for you all as well 🙂

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