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[KAG] Pre-Build Summary – Simple Join and New Maps!

Hey guys, another pre-build update here to keep you posted on things coming some time next week. We got a good response doing this last time, so hopefully keeping you in the know beforehand can help each update go smoother.

Hopefully there will be fewer furrowed brows all around with the new simple join system!


  • Simple Join:
    The existing “quick join” buttons have been replaced by a full “simple join” menu. The server browser remains as an option for more advanced players.
    The simple join menu lets players quickly set parameters for a game size and mode to play, and then join the best match.
    The default settings are “dont care” for both size and mode, resulting in joining the best ping, active game.
    Simple join also allows joining modded servers by default, which will hopefully help boost the population in modded servers and alleviate modders concerns of the server browser “blocking” people from trying mods.
    Note that this whole system is still an interim measure, as Norill is working on new menus that will eventually replace this, but if you have any quick suggestions for it feel free to bring them up in the thread. A more sophisticated scoring system may be developed if needed, but the previous (five pass) system was very “opaque” to players, which is something we’d like to avoid.
    A screenshot of the new system is provided here.
  • Maps:
    Multiple maps have been added and removed from the CTF and TDM map pools. Most of these are community sourced and some of them have issues, so we’ll be looking for feedback on which ones should continue to be included, and any possible changes to be made.
  • Bug Fixes and Small Changes:
    A few bugs have been fixed, most notable ones being more server crashes in the vote system, a server “lock up” issue, and “command missing” spam in vote scripts.
    Trampolines were changed to do slightly larger bounces for a few things (most notably spikes), and digging at the edges of TDM maps was removed.

Still To Do:

  • Controls/“Desync” Fixes:
    While these issues are actually ongoing, they’ve become much more common with all the control handling rework from trench run, and can cause synchronisation issues for some players among other bad things.
    Michal will be looking into this and we’re working with testers to try to find all existing cases that cause trouble. This has been hard to find and fix because its a result of multiple systems interacting, not just simple errors in one part of the code.
    We’re hoping we’ll have at least handled the worst of it by early next week.

As always, we look forward to bringing this build out as soon as possible!

Have Fun,


[KAG] Single Player Mechanism Preview, Build Server News

KAG Community member Skinney has been hired for a trial term at THD working on some exciting single-player content!

This gif shows his progress on activated/programmed entities, which may find their way into multiplayer builder-wars modes eventually, but in the short term will be in the game as single player level traps, toys in sandbox, and possibly added to TDM levels for some variety. We’re very excited for the work he’s been doing which largely lines up with our thoughts on how mechanisms in KAG might work – now they’re a reality!

Build Server News!

The build server is being worked on and back online and spitting out builds, however some of the KAG stuff isn’t working after all the engine migration and development for TR – we’re working on fixing it, but it’s great just to see movement in that area. We have TR building (which means private testing can start) but KAG requires a bit of extra love as it’s hooked up to a system already used by people – we have to make sure we don’t break people’s games in the mean time!

In short, we should be able to test the intermediate changes that have been made to KAG soon, and put out a public build after that. We’ll keep you posted!

Have fun!


[KAG] Competitive Scene Revival

There have been 3 major “revival” movements within the competitive scene of KAG recently – check them out if you’re interested in getting involved in a clan, or just a higher level of play overall, and if you’re interested in helping with organisation get in touch with the appropriate bodies via PM on the forums, or IRC.


– KAG Gather

KAG Gather currently doesn’t have a thread as it’s still in “beta”, that said we’ve had a good flow of 4v4s and 5v5s in the AU scene. Get in contact with Cameron1010 or Gurin for more info and support.

Gather is an informal competitive format where people gather in a channel, register interest to play a game, and once enough are present, a match is organised, teams are set up, and a simple “Best of 3” ensues. It is a great way to transition from public to more competitive play with less pressure and a more friendly, informal environment, and also good for staying “sharp” if your clan is less active. Anyone is free to join.

Major League KAG

Thread here :

MLK is a movement inspired by the Soldat CTF League – any old players familiar with that will be right at home. SpideY is in charge of organisation.

Any clans may play and report on matches to earn points during the “free play” period of 3 months. Each match must be run with the official rules, and be approved by one member of each clan on the match report thread. The top 4 clans after the free play period will proceed to the finals, one is crowned king champion clan of the world with extra muscles, and from there the cycle repeats (assuming there’s enough interest!)

KAG World Cup

Thread here :

KWC is a prospective formal tournament to be held on a date to be decided. The rules are also currently still settling, so be sure to weigh in if you have any concerns and want to be involved. Snake19 is in charge of organisation. Kouji helped a lot with preliminary work, so let’s not see it wasted.

Teams are organised by country – check out the relevant groups to get in touch with your country’s leader, or apply to become your country’s leader if there is not one. Some smaller regions are coalesced to larger ones to facilitate the player bases appropriately – for example, last time around Oceania was grouped as one region (and they won!).

Have fun, and get involved! We would love to see the competitive scene expanding!


Butcher is live!

We’ve just published the prototype version of Butcher.

Grab it from the Butcher’s page (or launch it in your browser) and start killing people now!


[KAG] BUILD 1215 – Rebalance and Fix Central

New build for KAG – potentially a little rough around the edges but what’s there needs to be tested with the public before we can move much further.

Now with extra flammable platforms!

New build is going out at the moment, should be a long build but out in 30 minutes or so from this post. There will be the usual lull as servers patch over between maps and the client builds aren’t done, and again as the steam build propagates out – don’t panic if you see lower than average numbers in the next few hours.

Here’s a summary of the more serious changes, split by section:

Balance Changes:

  • Knight Rebalance
    There have been some long-standing complaints about the knight; this should help to address a lot of them and help reign in some of the more obscure parts of current knight play.

    • Shield Glide is no longer infinite
      Your shield glide will gradually lose its effectiveness as you fall through the air – you can put more wind into your sails with multiple bomb jumps, but this alone makes knights a lot more prone to gravity (like every other class). You can also no longer infinitely climb up walls with wall jumping.
    • Jab does minor stun
      Players from classic era will remember “slash cancelling” with jabs – while this is very ping dependent, we’ve decided to try it out again. It lets you get a quick, reactive cancel to someone charging a slash or double slash in front of you with jabs.
    • Slash doesn’t break shield for as long
      Slashes will not break a knight’s shield stance for as long, giving them a chance to attack back with jabs if you’re “slash surfing” them.
    • Circle of Power
      All of this together helps enforce a circle of power in knight combat options: slash > double slash > shield > jab > slash – there’s still the wildcard of shield bashing and bombs in the mix to keep things fresh of course, but this should make knight combat a little less slash-heavy.
  • Archer Tweaks
    • Reduced stun range
      The range at which arrows stun players has been reduced a little.
    • Special Arrow spam discouraged
      When firing special arrows with legolas, you will automatically switch to normal arrows for the 2nd and 3rd shots. This is to further encourage actually aiming with special arrows instead of just spamming 3 bomb arrows at a tower with triple shot.
  • Drills builder only
    At the request of the community by poll, drills have been made builder only for now. We’ll see how this change affects their use and the builder’s place in the game.
  • Map Borders
    The map borders are active on all edges, including the top of the map – this prevents simply “jumping over” tall structures.
  • Weaker Wall-run
    Wall running has been reduced from 3 tiles to 2, making smaller structures more significant.

Fixes and Smaller Changes:

  • Platform Fixes
    Lots of issues with platforms have been cleaned up, most notably grappling them, wallrunning on them, and fire spreading through them. They also got a small sprite facelift.
  • Mine Fixes and balances
    Mines explode with much smaller radius, collide with platforms, don’t explode with materials on them, and shouldn’t go invisible any more.
  • Spawning timer no longer resets on click
    This only really applies to CTF – TTH still has wave respawning and some limitations there, though it should fare a little better than it did.
  • Server Fixes
    A memory leak in the server was identified (finally) and fixed.
  • Storage Changes
    The storage is a little more attractive, has damage frames and responds to lantern containment – thanks to community member Skinney for these changes.
  • Saw changes
    The saw spews out a slightly more reasonable amount of wood.
  • Spectator Fixes
    Several fixes to the spectator mode have been made, most notably including it getting “stuck”.
    Thanks to community member norill for these fixes.
  • Interface Fixes
    Some discrepancies with the TDM and CTF spawn time interfaces have been cleaned up.
  • Stun Fixes
    Stun is now respected for picking up/throwing items, and for using drills.
  • Builder Hitting Fixes
    Builders should have a slightly easier time hitting what they want to hit – theres still a few finicky edge cases but overall it should behave more sensibly, especially when trying to mine tiles near objects.
  • Tips on Death
    Some helpful, community sourced tips are displayed while you’re waiting to respawn – you can turn these off (along with other ingame help) with f1.
  • Fixed Builder digging in no-build zone.
    No more undermined tents or halls.
  • Fixed CTF HUD not showing for 1 flag maps.
    Speaks for itself, annoying little bug.
  • Emoticon bindings in EntitiesCommonEmotesEmoteBindings.cfg.
    If you need faster access to some of the emoticons you can now rebind them clientside, though it is a little fiddly.
  • “No Chat Bubble” option and some options fixes
    For those sick of seeing chat hovering over someone obscuring the action, you can now turn these off in the options menu.
    Some other options that were having issues being saved should be fixed now too; let us know if any options still fail to be saved after quitting the game normally.
  • Fixed lots of Larger Resolution Issues
    Larger resolutions now have fixed size cursors and can aim accurately, and work for vertical aspect ratios too if you’re that way inclined.
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks – changelog too big for tumblr! I’ll put together a changelog to include in the forum post, though it may take a little more time.

General Concerns:

  • Archer may be too strong
    We’re well aware of the potential for balance changes like this to swing power too far “the other way”. We’ll be watching very closely in the coming week and adjusting things as need be in a follow-up build.
  • A focus has been put on Gravity
    A lot of the changes here have put a focus back onto gravity – we want structures to have more of a purpose, people to need builders a little more, and vertical play to be a little more dicey; we also want to see less of people building giant turtle towers behind their base and flying all the way across the map :^) Keep this intent in mind when you’re cursing at not being able to jump up “measly” 8 high tile walls – players are going to have to adjust to more “grounded” play, and that may take some time (at least a few games).

Looking forward to seeing you guys in game to put these changes through their paces! I’ll be around tomorrow to make hotfixes if necessary but hopefully they can wait until next week – after the game re-stabilises.

Have Fun!


[KAG] Build 1180 – Shop, Boat, Map, Coin Tweaks and Many Fixes

Pretty big build – lots of small changes accumulating over time. We would have liked to have made this as several separate builds but each week the build server had something else wrong with it. However, the more troublesome nodes have been moved to more stable hardware and things have gone along smoothly this week.


  • Shop Changes
    Largely a community sourced change, shops now have a nicer button layout, show damage (using the frames that were previously unused), and are generally a little more polished. Notably, quarters now allows sleeping in a bed inside the structure for free, time based healing.
  • Tunnel Changes
    Tunnels are now able to be used by both teams – this means that you need to build a vault around any tunnels inside your base to prevent getting invaded through them. This change should make tunnels a more strategically important building for both teams, and help prevent cheesy flag rushes.
  • Voting Changes
    Players can now abstain from votes they don’t want to have a say in (to get rid of the box), and admins can now cancel the vote if they have the right seclev set.
  • Boat Changes
    Boats have been reworked a little – dinghies and longboats are faster now, warboats do less ramming damage to blocks, and longboats do more (especially with multiple rowers). This should help with the boat’s utility in game, we’ll see if we need to take more measures in this direction after the build has been in circulation for a while.
  • Map Changes
    Many CTF maps should be less prone to stalemates or extreme early rushes, and a few maps have been retired completely.
  • Coin Tweaks
    There’s fairly dramatically increased coin income from damaging siege weapons and enemy vehicles – this especially applies to archers as an alternative revenue stream from frontline support.
  • New Example Mod – M16
    A simple example mod by MM (sprites by me) adding an M16 to the archer in TDM.
  • Fixes and Misc Changes
    • No more getting into crates
      As fun as it might be for you, we’re quite tired of complaints about players effectively wasting a team slot by spending the entire game asking their team to carry them into battle. The code is still in there, just commented out for those who want this in modded servers.
    • Fixed minimap sometimes getting “stuck” off.
    • Fixed m_seed defaulting to wrong value – old servers will have to manually change this though (/rcon /m_seed 0, or set it in autoconfig)
    • Static blobs with attachments falling.
      You know how flags sometimes “weirdly” fall through the ground? This should fix that.
    • “Quick Double Slashing” bug fixed.
      If you’ve ever been surprised by a double slash that “probably shouldn’t have happened” but not been quite sure what was causing it, this fix might help there.
    • Spikes give kills
      Builders can now see their kills (or lack thereof) from placed spike traps.
    • See changelog for the rest!
[added] abstaining from votes
[fixed] wierd downward-floating desync for static blobs with attachments
[fixed] knight "quick-double-slash" bug
[added] rayne chicken head (fear the chicken)
[fixed] potential overflow issue with the minimap not showing
[fixed] issue with wood vehicle damages getting passed on for projectiles
[modified] coin income from building workshops (less) and hitting siege (more)
[removed] getting into crates
[fixed] using halls as tunnel as enemy
[modified] removed tunnel travel team limitation
[fixed] broken code in defaultbuilding relying on overlap functions that was breaking for quarters (now uses AABBs)
[added] dinghies cost 100w and 25c (spam mitigation)
[modified] mazey head (5th time now, hopefully last. looks less like a tumour)
[modified] new german official server IP
[fixed] sleeping head frames for people with unique heads
[modified] community fix: spikes give the builder kills (thanks Skinney)
[modified] community fix: ctf shop buttons are laid out horizontally (thanks Skinney)
[fixed] community fix: ctf shops use appropriate damage frames (thanks Skinney)
[modified] community fix: quarters allows free sleeping with a time-cost to heal (thanks Skinney)
[modified] community fix: ctf flags collide with blob blocks where appropriate (thanks Skinney)
[modified] builder cant put wood backwall on stone backwall
[modified] updates to newtortuga - mid more resilient, less redundant base stuff, more room for tunneling under mid
[modified] addressed a few concerns with EjMap (stalling, horizontal movement)
[modified] feedback on JTG Aqueduct and BoulderLake taken into account (less gimmicks, more terrain polish, etc)
[modified] moved flags out of terrain on fellere map
[modified] dinghy and longboat faster
[modified] can't get into carried dinghy
[modified] longboat better at ramming tiles
[modified] mine doesn't take fall dmg
[modified] mine has knockback on hit
[modified] mine has double hp for slightly longer "defuse"
[fixed] sound scrollbars up button not working
[added] new mod example M16 as extra class action for archer
[modified] steps on the sound sliders
[fixed] crash when trying to perform "reload" command on local server
[added] new seclev "vote_cancel"

Have Fun!


[KAG] AvA this weekend!

The time has come again for another community event – Admin vs All #6 on the Australian official servers, 2pm EAST this Sunday! Join for some hectic fun! Will the admins win AGAIN or will the plebs show them what’s what? It’s all up to you!

Thanks to the Australian KAG community for organising this great event again!


[KAG] Sangfroid Montage – Tender is the Knight

For anyone wondering about the current state-of-the-art in knighting, this is it, set to nice music courtesy of KAG Player Sangfroid! Sick keg drops, massive streaks, and an unbelievable capture denial make this a must watch.


Screenshots from the Storm2D 0.050 release trailer

Royal Guard vs The World: January 4th

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