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Trench Wars Preview

Alpha gameplay of our current project, working title “Trench Wars”.


Despite the run and gun gameplay shown here there’s also a healthy amount of humour mixed in with the class based fighting and epic explosions.

Play – experience – transcendence

Transhumanism is the movement towards becoming a better human. It achieves this with the use of technology. I see computer games as an important tool that can aid us in evolution and the development of our consciousness.

Transhuman Design’s goal is to aid everybody in their evolution by providing experiences that make them better, faster, stronger and more conscious human beings.

By playing games you can become a better woman or man. You can have experiences you would never have had in your normal waking life. You can become faster by playing games – think faster and have better reflexes. You can become stronger in your will and your logic. You can learn the joy of competitiveness and the usefulness of collaboration.

Games are a gym for the mind. A gym that can be shared with people from around the world from all cultures. The ultimate lesson games provide is that all of humanity is sewed from the same cloth. We all like fun, we all have the same emotions when playing good games. This is what unites us all and what games can teach us.

The challenge is to create such experiences that provide emotions in an impactful way, whether it is joy, sadness, happiness, fear or love. Transhuman Design strives to spark these emotions by making better games everyday. This is what makes us and people that play our games better humans. This is how we become – Transhuman.


Update on the THD.VG story + Patch estimates for KAG

Currently is still not available, and the plan is for it to be re-aquired by us following the previous registrar going bust. We’re looking for ways to speed this up, considering that we’re the previous owner. emails will still not work as a result and will reply with that annoying MAILER DAEMON – FAILURE message. There’s nothing we can do about this in the short term. The most important thing to remember is you can email for support queries., and have been registered (amidst quite a lot of intra-company debate about what domain to go with), and we’re talking with the owner of about acquiring it – we’re still debating what we should use as a core domain to avoid this big mess happening again; ideally we’d like a core domain that’s short and uses a time-proven top level domain – the issue with is a result of political issues surrounding the .vg TLD.

Our build server has been unavailable through this time, though Ryan/FliesLikeABrick and Joe/jrgp have been working on getting it going again so we can test and release updates.

A patch for KAG should make it out next week, luck withholding. Included in the patch are some boat changes (increased speed, ramming ability moved from war boat to long boat), some more CTF Map changes, votekick improvements (can abstain from voting, and the message is a bit smaller), a crash fix or two, a handful of community fixes to things like workshops and spike kills, and some minor modding fixes; more modding fixes will come in a later patch as a result of some side project development.


Animated gifs from the Storm2D release trailer

Download the game now from

Storm2D Public Alpha released!

Download it for free from

New support email

Hey all,

Due to the issues we’re still having with’s registrar, we have changed our support email from to Please use for all future help requests.



Brief outage this morning

Hi all,

Due to an issue with the “.vg” TLD, some of the KAG services (forum, jabber, API, update system) were out for roughly an hour or so this morning.  Ryan and I were promptly notified and we resolved the issue as soon as we could. Also, be aware that none of the email addresses for currently work at this time. This includes We are currently working towards a fix/work around.

Please report any additional issues to or


Your quiet neighborhood sysadmin, jrgp/joe