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[Storm2D] Progress Update

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on designing a new theme and look for Storm2D so that it will no longer look like a Soldat clone. We’re redoing all the maps, scenery and textures with a new look that is unique. It’s more abstract and in a painterly style rather than being pixel art focused.

Maps will be designed with seamless movement in mind and be much more horizontal than Soldat, where floating islands were a regular feature. Maps will also have buildings for spawn areas, bases and powerup / medikit / ammo locations rather than things randomly spawning mid-air. We’re also designing a new conquest gamemode. This will be the default gamemode which we’ll focus on and polish rather than trying to work on multiple gamemodes at once.

In order to give the maps the look we’re aiming for, I’ve been designing a new map editor (rather than using polyworks) with the following intended features:
-multitextured, paintable polygons
-dynamic lighting and shadows
-parallax scrolling backgrounds
-all scenery will be dynamic – from grass to trees and crates.
-easy polygon creation – not just out of triangles, but N point polygons
-play the map while making it, sandbox style
-jump pads, liquid blocks, teleporters, etc
-triggers with scripted events

We’ll hopefully have some mockup maps to show soon.



Animated gifs from the Storm2D release trailer

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Storm2D Public Alpha released!

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