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[THD] You’ve abandoned [game], [expletive]!

A quick introduction
Hi guys, I’m Maciej and I’m responsible for letting you know what’s going on at Transhuman Design (via Twitter, Facebook, the website etc.) and designing Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering.

For quite some time we’ve been receiving some… subtle voices of discontent from the community, regarding Michal’s/THD’s involvement with different projects:



Many of you assume that King Arthur’s Gold and other games (look up) suffer because Michal and Geti are supposedly spread thin, working on a million things at once these days. I’ve decided to clear some things up in this short post.

Transhuman Design in 2014
Thanks to the awesome community that enjoys our games, THD has grown considerably in the last decade. We’re now divided into project teams that work on different games simultaneously.

MM acts as the all-seeing eye overlooking all the projects. He also helps with the existing titles and experiments with new ideas for more awesome games (Trench Run for example).

Trench Run work in progress

King Arthur’s Gold
Meanwhile, Geti and Furai cooperate on King Arthur’s Gold, constantly improving it and making it more fun. Just look at the number of updates (and dev love) this game receives.

KAG gif

Soldat and Storm2D
While MM no longer develops Soldat in person, other people have stepped in to fill his shoes and the project is now led by Shoozza. There’s also Storm2D (led by Roland), which could be described as its spiritual successor. It basically aims to be Soldat on steroids, with destructible terrain and a lot of other cool features.

Of course Soldat wasn’t made in a day, and it will take some time before Storm2D reaches that state of coolness. But hey, it’s just how game development works.


Summing up
What I love about this studio is that everyone here has unique ideas and isn’t afraid to try out new things. That is why we’re currently working on projects ranging from the build’n’kill multiplayer mayhem you probably know and play (KAG), to a unique, story-driven adventure game that oozes atmosphere (Transmigration). More info about these individual projects can be found on our website (check out the menu on the left).


Also, each of these teams does their own thing without hindering the work of others.

So… I hope I’ve cleared up a couple of things a bit. I didn’t want to make this post too long, so detailed team descriptions and project updates will come later. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you’d like to stay in touch!

See you around,

[soldat] SWC 2014 Sign Ups Are Open

My fellow Soldateers all around the world,

I am happy to announce that Soldat’s World Cup is about to return for it’s 2014 version.

The most important information comes first: Sign-ups will open today, 17th of June and the cup will start on 1st of August.

Mixed national teams

As we are pretty much aware of the activity loss in Soldat we decided to be a bit more lenient with “mixed national teams”. However, this does also depend on the level of activity and the amount of signed up countries. We will make a final decision regarding this once we reach the final stage of the sign-up time which probably is around the start of the final week of sign ups (starting friday, 25th of July). Yet the chances are good that we might allow people to merge, even if they’re not from the same country. We don’t know any details yet, but we will keep you updated.

Multiple teams

Of course we will allow multiple teams once again this year. The way we deal with multiple team will not change significantly compared to last year, which means:

– Pre-qualification matches will be played until the start of the cup, 1st of August. This deadline is final. We will not allow these matches to interfere with our schedule. Additionally, signing up multiple teams for a single country is limited to until friday, 25th of July to ensure that all matches are played in time

That means if you have multiple teams in your country they should all sign-up as soon as possible in order to allow as fluent as possible a run for the cup.


Poland A signs up in the first week of sign-ups.
Poland B signs up in the second week of sign-ups.

Poland B is too late, hence Poland A will be considered as Poland’s official representive. Poland A could then decide whether they would want to recruit members of Poland B.

Poland A signs up in the first week of sign-ups.
Poland B signs up in the first week of sign-ups.

In this case both teams will face each other before the end of the sign up phase. The winner is also allowed to take in players from the other team if they want to.

That’s it for now. Now get on IRC and search for all those country-mates of yours and gather them to participate in SWC. Let’s hope for an active and enjoyable world cup!

Good luck to everyone.

//Original post by ymmees can be found here.


Animated gifs from the Storm2D release trailer

Download the game now from

Storm2D Public Alpha released!

Download it for free from