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[KAG] Competitive Scene Revival

There have been 3 major “revival” movements within the competitive scene of KAG recently – check them out if you’re interested in getting involved in a clan, or just a higher level of play overall, and if you’re interested in helping with organisation get in touch with the appropriate bodies via PM on the forums, or IRC.


– KAG Gather

KAG Gather currently doesn’t have a thread as it’s still in “beta”, that said we’ve had a good flow of 4v4s and 5v5s in the AU scene. Get in contact with Cameron1010 or Gurin for more info and support.

Gather is an informal competitive format where people gather in a channel, register interest to play a game, and once enough are present, a match is organised, teams are set up, and a simple “Best of 3” ensues. It is a great way to transition from public to more competitive play with less pressure and a more friendly, informal environment, and also good for staying “sharp” if your clan is less active. Anyone is free to join.

Major League KAG

Thread here :

MLK is a movement inspired by the Soldat CTF League – any old players familiar with that will be right at home. SpideY is in charge of organisation.

Any clans may play and report on matches to earn points during the “free play” period of 3 months. Each match must be run with the official rules, and be approved by one member of each clan on the match report thread. The top 4 clans after the free play period will proceed to the finals, one is crowned king champion clan of the world with extra muscles, and from there the cycle repeats (assuming there’s enough interest!)

KAG World Cup

Thread here :

KWC is a prospective formal tournament to be held on a date to be decided. The rules are also currently still settling, so be sure to weigh in if you have any concerns and want to be involved. Snake19 is in charge of organisation. Kouji helped a lot with preliminary work, so let’s not see it wasted.

Teams are organised by country – check out the relevant groups to get in touch with your country’s leader, or apply to become your country’s leader if there is not one. Some smaller regions are coalesced to larger ones to facilitate the player bases appropriately – for example, last time around Oceania was grouped as one region (and they won!).

Have fun, and get involved! We would love to see the competitive scene expanding!


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