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[KAG] Single Player Mechanism Preview, Build Server News

KAG Community member Skinney has been hired for a trial term at THD working on some exciting single-player content!

This gif shows his progress on activated/programmed entities, which may find their way into multiplayer builder-wars modes eventually, but in the short term will be in the game as single player level traps, toys in sandbox, and possibly added to TDM levels for some variety. We’re very excited for the work he’s been doing which largely lines up with our thoughts on how mechanisms in KAG might work – now they’re a reality!

Build Server News!

The build server is being worked on and back online and spitting out builds, however some of the KAG stuff isn’t working after all the engine migration and development for TR – we’re working on fixing it, but it’s great just to see movement in that area. We have TR building (which means private testing can start) but KAG requires a bit of extra love as it’s hooked up to a system already used by people – we have to make sure we don’t break people’s games in the mean time!

In short, we should be able to test the intermediate changes that have been made to KAG soon, and put out a public build after that. We’ll keep you posted!

Have fun!


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