It’s Official – KAG’s coming to Steam!

News has got out on the forums about this slightly prematurely, but for those that haven’t been keeping up: KAG will go on Steam with it’s first stable release!


Incidentally, this is why we’ve been silent in response to everyone asking us to jump on greenlight; we’ve actually had the metaphorical “green light” in excess of 8 months now!

What does this mean for KAG?

  1. Firstly, for existing paid members, nothing much will change except you’ll be part of a larger community. You won’t have to repurchase a licence, be forced to use steam, or anything like that. You’ll still be able to log in with non steam credentials.
  2. For existing free members, your access will be limited to classic KAG only. You will have to pay for the game through one of the many available means to access the full version.
  3. For server hosts, you’ll still be able to host servers with the normal methods, but may have extra options for steam specific things, like filtering players out via VAC.
  4. For people who’d like to buy but can’t due to payment method issues, you’ll have access to all the payment options of a large, well supported platform like Steam!
  5. More money for us, which will mean we’re less stressed about being able to pay rent, food and bills and able to focus more on finalising KAG and working on other games!

The plan is to get the game ready for public beta (which MM is going to explain about soon), iron out the inevitable kinks that turn up, and then release on Steam when it’s ready. The time frame on this is obviously quite variable (no, we can’t give you a release date), but the game is coming together nicely at the moment.

We’ll be working our butts off while we’re in the same space for GDC this year (next week and the week after that), and will try to keep you as up to date as possible in these exciting times!

Once it’s polished enough, you guys will get your mitts on it before the rest of the world does, to give it another run through, and eventually the final “OK”!

Last but not least a special announcement video with some effects you’ve all been waiting for to see:



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