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Build 1865 – Engine Update, Sponges in TDM, Windows Modded Server Fixes

Hey folks,

A smaller build today, mostly technical stuff.

The main game-side change is the addition of sponges to TDM. This has been requested by players as a counter to water. Sponges cost 20 coins by default in TDM.

The TDM “economy” (if it can be called that) has also been slightly reworked. The minimum coins on spawn has been dropped to 20 – meaning you can’t afford most items without some kills. There has also been a maximum imposed on coins, which is currently set to 200. This is to stop curb-stomping players from accruing hundreds of coins and spamming items just before they leave, leading to a non-game for other participants. The maximum is applied on respawn (not constantly) – so if you save extra during a game, you can still use them to finish things off.

For context, someone with 200 coins can still afford 2 kegs, or 4 mines, or 8 water arrows, or 4 bomb arrows, or 10 bombs; more than enough for any reasonable in-game usage.

Sponges are now in stock in TDM! Prices have changed as well, see in store for details!

The latest engine changes have also been pulled in, which means that the snap-pixels bug should finally be history, modded servers on windows now correctly download mods when specified from the API, TCPR can now handle lines up to 16kb (important for any i/o heavy tcpr based mods).

Mac users may also have a proper icon now, please let us know if that actually worked or not. Should be a little Henry head on an orange background.

These changes are, at always, up for discussion. Let us know what you think on the forums!

Have Fun!

KAG – Build 1859 – Sponge Defense and Various Fixes

Hey KAG Folk!

Just a small build today, fixing a few bugs and tweaking one map in particular. There’s also an experimental change in there for water-haters, so pay attention. The build should be out on all platforms in about half an hour (as of post time)

Sponges now “absorb” most of a water-stun if they’re in your inventory. The sponge is destroyed, and the stun time is reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1.5 seconds. This allows you to counter particularly water-heavy players. If it becomes particularly important, we might need some sort of visual indicator that you’re carrying sponges, but as it stands we see it as a similar “ace in the hole” to whipping out a bomb mid-fight (or a water bomb).

Clean yourself up quick-smart against water-spam tactics with sponges.

Full Changelog:

[modified] some changes to CerberosRift following community feedback
[fixed] shield-bashing multiple overlapped boulders sending you to space
[fixed] tunnel-grapple "archer fling"
[removed] a heap of unused maps
	(from maps/, that had been around since classic)
[fixed] bug in kickafk that _could_ (but generally wouldn't) crash the server
	+ disabled kicking local player (no more disconnect when you leave sandbox to get a cup of tea)
[added] carrying a sponge partially protects you from water stuns
	(1 sponge per stun, sponge is destroyed, stun is reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s)

Have Fun!

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