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Pets and achievements – weekly news

Hey Everyone!

Been a while since it’s been “just a plain old news week”. Quite a bit has gone on both in KAG and Trench Run, so lets get down to it!

Trench Run:

This week we focussed on getting a bit more out of the pet system, with each pet having a toy that it likes to play with. These items are consumable/temporary like basketballs but let you interact in a unique way with each pet, which increases the tamagotchi factor a little. We’re unwilling to make the pets “need” food and attention at this point as that’d make people sad, but the option is there for those that want a little bit more to do in the lobby. The dog’s frisbee is my favourite!

The croc also finally has animation frames, so there’s that.


Not your average entourage

There was also work on commando functionality, and work on the drunk shader effect.


Drink distortion is a little less predictable, and affects the whole screen!

We’re looking at getting the game onto steam more or less “ASAP” – there’s not too much more that we want to do with it other than content, and steam will let us get a better idea of a realistic audience to cater to, by bringing more people for you guys to play with and getting the game into the hands of people who don’t follow THD as closely.

More costumes are also underway, more word about them next week!

As always you can buy Trench Run here: – every purchase supports our work, and the more people you tell, the more people there are to play with!


Norill and Skinney have both been working tirelessly on Steam Achievements implementation. Norill has been writing the code for each achievement and Skinney has been drawing the images needed for the little pop-ups.

Here is a selection of the icons:

KAG Achievements

In total there will be 64 hand-pixelled icons for 64 interesting achivements to unlock!

We hope the completionists out there will have fun collecting them all!

Have Fun!

Max & Michał

Trench Run Build 10 – Engineer Tweaks, Coin Changes, More Costumes

Hey everyone!

The engie is still no slouch!

New build is here addressing most of the issues with the Build 9. Engineer balance has been addressed a little, many bugs have been fixed and some more lobby content has been added.

  • Engineer now has limited bombs (3) so they cant camp forever or afford to spam them.
  • Engineer bot is no longer afraid of everything (still not wonderful though)
  • All bots forage for ammo when out instead of continuing to mash the trigger
  • Added class costumes and femme bounty hunter costume
  • Helpful Billboard added – will contain game news and shows new players which way to go for games.
  • Reworked coins – limit is 200 coins, 2 gained coins per win, prices of permanent items adjusted upwards as a result. This makes consumables (beer, cigars, music) more affordable in the short term.
  • Coins given for ties other than total stalemates in Run. No coins will be paid for all-timeout games but in cases where each team has at least 1 point, both teams will be paid out.
  • Cooler looking fireworks
  • Added warning about costumes/pets replacing existing ones.
  • Strange Crashes and spawning wrong objects in solo after disconnecting from online fixed (at the expense of loading time for now)
  • Player information not held on lobby server between games (avoids cached information making people think they “didn’t get paid!”)
  • Engineer remote bombs dont reflect bullets any more
  • Fixed weird “stepping forever” noises in lobby (it was the bouncers entertaining themselves)
  • Fixed cant shoot someone crouching from above as sniper
  • [Experimental] Added background to hover messages to make them much more legible. Might be best to remove these from the small in-game ones but keep them on the shopkeeper explanations
  • If trying to pick up someone elses pet it says who the owner is.
  • Score cap in skirmish is 8 (slightly longer games and fewer 1-round matches)
  • Added friendly bot names
  • Fixed missile “grabs” other explosives – now they explode.


As you can see, there’s a fair bit changed, but it’s mostly little stuff. We hope you enjoy the variety available from the class skins and the less dominant engineer. Next build the class will likely be renamed, but we’ve yet to settle on a name. Look forward to seeing you in-game!

Reminder that you can buy the game here for a mere $8!

Have Fun!

Max & Michał

Trench Run Free Weekend (5th to 7th February)

Today we’re happy to announce the next Trench Run Free Weekend!

It will run from the 5th to the 7th Feb 2016 (so you can join a server this very moment). Set aside some time to play the game, particularly if you haven’t had time yet, as it’s almost finished!


Free Code: c181933f78095bf13dfd786a45f072db
Download Here:​

The free weekend code can be redeemed for this weekend only, and will be removed from any accounts after the event is over. There is no separate build to download, just grab your OS version the download page! Redeem your code in the user panel after logging in on the Trench Run site. You’ll find all the required info on our forums.


By participating and posting on the forums you’ll help us improve the game before the launch! See you at the bar!

TR EU Servers Down Today

Hey Everyone,

There will be some down-time for moving the servers around – TR servers in Europe will be down for a few hours today.

Coins should be preserved this time around for users in that region.

The servers should be back up by morning CET, we’ll let you know if there are any bigger delays coming. Hopefully noone is majorly affected by the move. USA servers will remain online throughout.


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