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Feedback wanted

I finally setup a GetSatisfaction community page. You can use it to Ask Questions, Report Problems, Share Ideas or Give Praise. Let’s how this works out for us.

Head over here:
or click the Red “Feedback” button on the left.

30 mins un-cut gameplay footage

mlcgen on Broadcast Live Free

Just found a video from one of the players with 30 minutes of gameplay. Check it out if you want to see how the game looks like.

Scroll to the middle, that’s when more actions starts with more players.

KAG dedicated server hosting

I’m working on the next version. I hope to fix the biggest issues (like infinite catapult! 🙂

Meanwhile here is the first company offering KAG server hosting. If you want your own, really good server in US you can rent it. I am supporting them so you can expect the best service.



I changed the master server. The old one was totally unreliable, sorry for that. The new master should update when you launch KAG.

Attention server owners! Restart your servers!

I see lots of people today! Welcome! I am re-posting the tutorial poster for you. It is a bit outdated because there is new stuff like bomb and catapult. You also have to stack gold in the 3 sacks you have at your base.

There are some issues, like sometimes the servers list doesn’t download. You can always connect manually to
I will be fixing this shortly though. Should be fixed now!

Have fun!

I released a couple hotfixes after build 40. All updates download automatically.
The crashes on map restart should be fixed. You need to restart the server so it fetches the update.

As an experiment I made a map with a mountain in the middle instead of a hole. You can play it on the Official Euro Server.

Build 40 released

Is it just me or has this game stopped being so social and instead feels like a rush… feels like WAR!
I like it. The hole in the middle of the map is also an interesting twist. I will experiment more with map shapes in the future.

Gameplay screenshot:

This quick patch fixes most of the issues I’ve found after releasing yesterdays update. Enjoy.

Changes 39-40:

– catapult can change rotate according to thrower
– improved arrow collisions (from circle to line)
– default score limit is 20% of gold available on map
– fixed crash on precache (loading controls)
– fixed player dangling on server after kick
– fixed bow sound not stopping after death
– fixed catapult facing wrong direction for red team
– fixed knight shield
– fixed gold on map wrongly calculated
– fixed player sprite not updating when dead
– return of the ladder bubble
– mouse aim is farther (to match zoom out view)

Build 39 released

Biggest release so far!

  • Maps are completely new.
  • Game rules are completely new. The game now ends as victory for one of the teams.
  • New buildable offensive weapon – CATAPULT
  • Lots of new graphics and bug fixes.

Please read the change log below for a detailed list of the changes.

To use the catapult you will first need to build it. It needs 12 blocks built in a 4×3 rectangle. Then you need to supply it with rocks ([E] key). Hold [E] key and then release to FIRE!! The longer you hold the farther it throws.
Use with caution!

Here’s how the new maps look like. This is of course a random example.

Changes 32-39:

– game rules changed
  * victory condition: mine or collect ¾ of the maps gold
  * stash gold in sacks
  * 3 sacks available on start
  * steal sacks and bring them to your tent for score 
– new map generation code
  * possible mountains and holes
  * caves
  * stone and gold are more likely to appear around caves and mountains
  * gold appears more as gold veins
  * trees don’t grow on tent 
– added catapult
– new sack graphics
– new bomb & explosion graphics
– new emoticon bubble graphics
– tent does not fall down
– sack gold amount displayed on mouse hover
– player HUD is not visible now when score board is active
– increased knight radius of attack
– new castle back build sound
– tent hit pixels changed to black
– fixed invisible map bug
– can’t loot bombs from self & team players
– fixed knight not dying when bomb explodes in hand
– typing bubble appears when typing chat or in menu
– gold sacks & tent are drawn on minimap
– new stone tiles graphics
– added map generator config file (“Base/Scripts/generator.cfg”)
– when not enough resources build tile blinks on HUD
– on reload map, old map saved to “Maps/previous.png”
– particle die time randomized

Some random screenshots I’ve taken.

If you can’t update the servers list please download the game again and install fresh.

I’m working on the new version, should be out this week.

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