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B834 – Spikes, Better Necromancer and Lots of Fixes

New update – Work in progress and more to come, but should address a few of the concerns people have been having. Important changes in bold as usual. Check the new spikes – they let your run past but also restab. They do less damage as requested to prevent paving the world in hurtiness and cost the same.

Sprite operations have been sped up a fair bit as well – if factories were lagging for you when onscreen please post here if that is fixed – if not we may need to take more drastic measures.


[fixed] twitter feed messages ignoring escapes like ’
[fixed] spikes stacking
[fixed] saw animation
[fixed] mounted bow cant shoot backwards on vehicle
[modified] arrows smash into smaller gibs rather than big wood ones
[fixed] gib randomisation sucks
[fixed] mounted bow jitter in 2 high spaces
[fixed] saw rotation inconsistencies
[added] way funnier princess name >:^)
[modified] warboat hp buffed +50%
[modified] bombs can go through 1×1 holes again
[fixed] water bombs collide with people again
[fixed] bombs dont go through shielded enemies now (makes it easier to bombjump enemy bombs reactively)
[modified] single player section quite a bit, necromancer section is a little harder but more straightforward
[fixed] support issues when building on doors
[fixed] trap blocks not destructing when fallen on trap blocks
[added] trap block gibs
[fixed] flying when suicide
[removed] put in backpack help text
[fixed] help texts wrapping counter and showing again after some time
[fixed] can’t destroy blocks where ladder is
[fixed] ladder water leak
[fixed] not being able to destroy block under ladder
[modified] hall class change and factory buttons are unavaiable unless you are inside the room
[fixed] can access hall inventory as other team
[modified] hall buttons except research dont work from outside (so you can still vote when far away)
[modified] stronger longboat
[added] saw scroll to trader
[fixed] door collapses sometimes not happening
[fixed] spikes invisible bug
[modified] spikes more visible when retracted
[modified] spikes do 0.5 damage
[modified] spikes auto-restab (dont get trapped in spike pit)
[modified] spikes have delay on their stab
[modified] challenge map some more

More updates will be out probably by the end of the week, but this should help tide you over until then!





A couple words from MM, watch it:


To be more specific 🙂

this is what you’ll find in the NEW King Arthur’s Gold beta:


  • Short story-mode called “Save the princess” (to be fleshed out later)

  • Naval Warfare

  • Drivable Siege Engines – with gunners and drivers

  • Factories and infrastructure building

  • Two playable multiplayer game modes, more coming!

  • Take the Halls

  • Team Deathmatch

  • upcoming CTF and zombies

3 different types of Bombs

4 different types of Arrows

Mines and Kegs

Completely new graphics

Riding and taming animals

Flowing Water (as in Minecraft classic:)

Fire (yes by Fire Arrows!)

Technology Research Tree (with democratic voting for picking team strategy)

Full Access to game’s logic with scripting

  • Entire game logic source available

  • Possible in the future to make full Mods (NOTE: not fully there yet and we need to finish the documentation 🙂

Works on Windows, Linux and OSX

Still more to come! We’re not done yet!


This game will get you hooked.

It’s hundreds of hours of fun for the price of lunch!

You’ll experience a never before seen blend of real-time medieval building and combat in a fully destructible multiplayer environment.

No other game comes even close to this.

This game will give you the most intense action & fighting moments you’ve ever experienced. It beats the best scripted sequences in other games, simply because it’s all real people just like you: playing, having fun and being creative.


It’s still not finished yet, so we will be pumping updates.

After you buy the game we will publish the game mode known from classic – Capture the Flag and later on Zombies (you can still try Zombie Fortress in classic and play on gold servers after purchase, we’re not ceasing classic). We appreciate that a lot of classic players are finding the transition too jarring so we’re hoping we can help you migrate comfortably. We’ll go into this in more detail as soon as possible explaining what’s planned, what isn’t and why.

You buy this game once. It’s not subscription. You pay 9.99$ and have it for life, and have it on Steam or Desura when it’s there. We ask for nothing more beyond common courtesy. In fact we will give YOU something more just because we want this release to be a blast. That’s why for the next 2 weeks the price is still the low “pre-order” price + you get a BONUS.

The Art & Design booklet

a chronicle of KAG’s developmentimage

189 pages full of MM’s scribbles and Geti’s hand-drawn sketches.

You’ll see which ideas made it into the game and which ones didn’t make it. Putting this together was a huge walk down memory lane for us 🙂

How To Buy

Because buy stuff on the internet is tricky sometimes

Go the KAG website to BUY NOW.

Just select your preferred method of payment: PayPal, Amazon or Google – you can also simply pay with your phone (Mobile SMS payment via PayPal) if you don’t have a credit card or e-money.

Next you will get an e-mail with a code in it, which looks something like:

972abf94fb7efac73dcada382bffe4d9 (this one won’t actually work :p)

Simply redeem this code once in your account panel on,

download the beta installer, run it and you are ready to rock.

(you can buy gifts too, because you can give the code to somebody! hooray!)

Final words

This has been more than 14 months in the making now, and is only just becoming ready to let you all in. Thanks to the community at large for all your support so far, and to the active testers especially, for bearing with daily bugs, server hassles, late nights and arguments. It’s been a wild ride so far, but it’s not over yet! Join us in the final stages of this game’s birth as the greatest medieval multiplayer experience in the world!

MM & Geti

Last 12 hours of Indie Game Stand Sale, and some teasing

If you’re holding on for the last minute – that’s getting pretty close 🙂

This sale has been quite exciting for us, a large number of new prospective players, a good amount of money to help fund development (funds have been getting quite low recently) and a chance to reflect on the past with the 189 page art and ideas book collation.

We’ve been working on a major overhaul of the site as well as many a bug fix. As always we’re a little behind time but with so much going on and only 2 of us really around, it’s been a wild week 🙂

Stay tuned for some pretty big news coming either this weekend or as early as physically possible next week!


Giveaways and Tournaments Roundup! 7 Codes To Win!

I figured rather than spamming the blog and twitter with several posts I’d do a roundup of community contest, giveaway and tournament goodness.

Mazey’s Random Team Tournament click here

2v2 RTDM tournament, Knight and Archer

unlimited slots, 3 KAG codes to win, EBook to win, more info in the thread (click above!)

Cheese’s KAG Giveaway – click here

Giveaway with 4 codes to win, just post some information about yourself like it asks (not for people who already have gold account)

That’s all for ones currently accepting entry, so 7 codes available for free if you play your cards right. That’s seven more happy gold names just in time for the impending beta release!

Contests and tournaments that have come and gone while the blog was finicky and twitter news wasnt updated in game include

  • “Archery~” archer tournament 
  • ARENA OPEN summer (sorry for the bad news timing Ej 🙁 )
  • “ARCH” another archer tournament
  • KAG International Doubles Tournament (cash prizes! thats a first for KAG I think)
  • KAG World Cup (many countries fight it out to determine the champions of KAG)

Some of these are ongoing – check out the forums here!

If you’re hosting a tournament or giveaway and want coverage feel free to get it touch, I’ll see what I can do. Please ensure your rules make sense and you actually have something to offer before doing so though, I get enough correspondence as is 🙂


Indie Game Stand Sale!

For the next four days you can pay whatever you want for KAG!

Please abuse responsibly 🙂

IndieGameStand is a different approach to the “Pay What You Want” sale pattern, where instead of a bundle of games, each game featured gets the spotlight to themselves for 4 days.

KAG is on there at the moment, so if you are strapped for cash or want to get some friends into the game cheaply (or maybe just support development some more and have a look at the art book, you good hearted awesome people … :^) ) check it out – over a hundred new smiling faces have gone gold since it started a few hours ago!


Click here to have a look, beat the average for access to a one-off 189 page art book cataloging the history of the game! The Art Book collates all the art done for development, from the wild pipe dreams to zombies sketches to new design pictures.


Included in all sales is access to the current state of the beta (check the forums) – we’ll be talking more about this very soon and will do a more official and public release asap. We’re very excited about how far it’s come, and will continue working our butts off on making it the best game you’ve ever played!

Tell your friends, and enjoy!


Short update on the Beta + screenshots

  1. We are working like mad people on the beta nearly everyday
  2. We aren’t posting any news because we are elbows deep in internal testing, so everyone that is testing is in the news loop (we neglected the public blog, but this will change when the official beta release happens)
  3. The game has undergone ~4 massive gameplay re-iterations over the last 2 months. We are striving to make this the most fun, engaging and balanced multiplayer war game ever made.
  4. I think we achieved this, that’s why I’m confident to post that we are there and the public release will happen this month or next month at most.
  5. Here are some screenshots (no time for videos because I’m making an official beta launch trailer video which will show how epic this game is)


+ sneakpeak of the official press kit screenshots


KAG Beta requires you to buy the game to play. So if you haven’t done that already do it now here before the noob rush when the game becomes official and arrives on Steam 🙂

It’s just 10 bucks and an infinite amount of fun + you can unlock it later on Steam.


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