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Only gameplay promotional medley with new graphics since version 120. Includes knight & archer combat. Different castles. Explosions and gibs! A full castle collapse!!!

New catapult ammunition

I figured out how to make a better more fun sky path. Simply sit on the catapult and let your teammate launch you. It’s already coded, now needs some bug fixing and the release will be ready to go this week.


Welcome to the new THD website

Website updated with all the latest team member profiles and game projects we are working on.
If I forgot to mention you in the “people” section let me know! (mm [at]


Build 130 Released!

Most critical issues fixed and improved slightly. More to come. Run the game for autoupdate. Have a fun weekend!

Changes 129-130:

– added “small hud” option (mainmenu -> Options -> Player )
– added knight charge cursor over head also
– changed archer charge cursor
– minimap is smaller
– HUD fade happens closer to screen edge; removed block menu fade
– fixed password saving issue
– fixed case sensitivity in master logins
– fixed some chat console color errors
– fixed chat console overlapping text
– disabled team bridge opening with up/down
– fixed playerslist staying scrolled after switching servers
– no resupply happens only if left a certain distance from spawn location

I see a French community emerging. I’m very happy about that. If you want to translate news from this blog I can link your site (this applies to you Russian folks as well). Let me know.

Gold Servers are running (including a builder sandbox). You can get a premium account to access them in a couple minutes here.

Known issues: small hud presents larger area; text overlap in block menu; knight slash push into wall

We’ll be tweaking the HUD some more. I agree we need more space for game screen, so don’t worry about that. Also bridge opening has some unexpected results. Patch will be either today or after the weekend, cause I need to rest. Be sure to read the post below KAG’s Direction if you haven’t already!

Also: our partners at have just added a German wing of their servers. So if you want your own European or US KAG server check it here.


“New HUD” Build Released!

This is second part of a big update that involves improving the game graphics. The old HUD was just something quickly scratched so now we introduce a completely new redrawn HUD. We hope you enjoy it.

There are of course other changes and fixes. Worth mentioning is that:

  • You can now hug the wall to prevent fall damage. But be careful, hitting the wall while falling at big speed will also result in death!
  • Updated gibs!
  • Team bridge works like a 2way platform: press down to drop from it, press up to jump through it

Changes 127-129:

– new HUD cursors
– new HUD chat window
– new HUD resources & health bar
– new minimap window
– added dust animation on big fall
– minimap player icons indicate team color
– added minimap ground edge shading
– added variable “v_drawhud” useful to disable HUD when making screenshots or recording videos
– chat colors are team colored
– new team colored gibs
– castle back wall uses 2 stone
– message boxes replaced with graphics
– new menu buttons
– fixed menu inverting on smooth shader
– help texts only show up when toggled with F1
– added wall hugging to prevent fall damage
– fixed smaller fall damage not working
– fixed infinite resources from collapse prevention
– fixed tree stumps in front of players
– name labels above head use premium & admin colors

KAG’s Direction.

I got asked about this on the forums recently and decided I’d have a short ramble here as a break from a coding assignment.

Note that nothing here is final and we’re still playing around with feature ideas and a roadmap, but it seems some of you have different ideas about where KAG’s going than we do.

In the short term, we want to get the basic, free version of KAG together and more or less finalised. That means:

  • Some more structures (Rock pots, stockpiles, hall buildings, bomb and siege workshops)
  • Bug Fixes everywhere oh god so many bugs.
  • Making the HUD more presentable.
  • GUI overhaul + Server lobby.
  • Bison + Normal cows.
  • Game modes: WAR, CTF, INF (as in soldat), TDM (first team to x kills wins), BLD (creative only servers, inf resources). ZOMBIES if halloween falls within that time period.
  • Tutorials
  • Maybe farming
  • Maybe customisation

At that point, free KAG will be “done”. We’ll update it from time to time but that’ll be the point where we start working on a more in-depth game. As it is, KAG is fairly simple. We’ll make it as easy to get “into” as we can, with tutorials and maybe a button to turn on a more advanced HUD showing up later with all the complicated bits turned off.

Gold servers will exist throughout so you can still play safe from the stingy griefers out there 🙂

Once we’ve done that, with the assumption that free KAG will be played as a demo, paid KAG will get a lot more content. It won’t get too much more complicated (we still like the idea of simple, fun elements put together into something with emergent complexity, rather than elements that are complex in their own right) but there’ll be more stuff to do and a wider set of roles (which may or may not mean more classes). We’ll worry less about making the game idiot-proof as well.

We’re keen to explore:

  • Mechanisms. I love the idea of hooking up a pressure plate to spike traps, or pulling a lever to open doors. Conveyor belts and lever-activated-crossbows and manually detonated explosives and water towers!
  • Non-vanishing dirt (ie digging out dirt makes a pile of dirt that you have to deal with) for more realistic mining logistics.
  • Moving castles/siege towers.
  • Fluids in general (can you say Island Fort? Water tower? Magma-Dam?)
  • Bots to give the boring tasks to. (Don’t feel like mining? Pay Urist to do it for you!)
  • Population based play (ie permadeath per-unit)
  • Unit progression and upgrades
  • Religious buildings (area of effect buffs and nerfs eg. Shrine to Epona = all nearby team units get a speed boost)
  • Flora and Fauna – being able to get food from picking fruit and hunting bison is a start, but fireflies, cave monsters and stinging plants could be fun too.
  • …This list is getting long. Suffice to say we’ve got more than enough ideas for now and a long road ahead 🙂

As for large scale direction, we’re aiming for a sort of fortress mode being the main way to play KAG, with elements of dwarf fortress in there but designed to be much more accessible than ASCII only and from a side-scrolling perspective.

In other words, at the moment we’re thinking Free KAG = Demo, Paid KAG = Dream game. We’ll be actively encouraging people to play the free game because that’s where new players are most likely to go, and for those wondering we will almost certainly allow paid users to access free to play servers from the paid program.

So, that’s where we’re thinking of going. The list will likely be reordered and changed over time, but we want more fortress creation and proper warfare, and less spamming suicide bombers and knights digging with swords. Figured we may as well give you some insight into where we’re going.

Sorry for the lack of accompanying art, I’m not at home at the moment so can’t draw.


Building Ideas.

We think something like this will make building catapults, rock pots, stockpiles, halls, workshops and outposts (as well as anything else that gets added) a lot simpler and more intuitive than the current tile based system.

Some planned changes to building mechanisms.

It also means we can make catapults cost some stone to make as well 🙂

We’ll likely use the little resource bubbles for interaction too, so you can click a bubble to fill up the catapult stone by stone (or later, item by item -> bomberpults) rather than using E for everything and loosing all your stone.

What do you guys think? I’m more or less set on this idea (it frees up more space in world.png for me to go nuts with the environments :D) but I’d like to hear your thoughts on potential improvements or flaws.


Build 127 released!

I’m quickly patching the game as well as adding new server commands.
Biggest change here is an anti-griefing solution which prevents collapses near your tent/outpost. This is a test so please report how it works. Basically you can destroy everything but the server won’t allow you to destroy that last block that makes a collapse if it is about half screen distance to your tent.

Changes 126-127:

– fixed menu sound on Linux
– fixed constructions not giving support
– new anti-griefing method: automatic collapse prevention in radius around tent/outpost
– fixed infinite tree chopping
– fixed point frame dissapearing when chat text above head
– added scoreboard scrolling
– fixed bot kicking from console
– new server commands:
  kickhost [host] [minutes] – kicks and/or bans host (host number can be found in logs when player joins)
  unbanhost [host]
  swapid [player id]
– fixed ground background tiles
– mods can freely change teams
– fixed player-bomb force when on ground
– possibly fixed other team spawning on captured outpost

Build 126 Released!

Fixing most important issues:

Changes 124-126:

– fixed game crash 1
– fixed game crash 2
– fixed editor not working
– clouds don’t render on “Less effects” option
– fixed doors not opening on ladders
– fixed bot kicking
– fixed player leave game message
– support required on very high constructions (near high map border)
– increased team unbalanced respawn time difference
– increased crouched hitbox
– fixed tents falling
– fixed tree stub not regrowing
– fixed weird block behaviour on trees
– fixed tree regrowing bugs
– fixed shadows appearing on trees
– added server variable “sv_deltapos_modifier”
  (higher than 1.0 uses less bandwidth but game will be more laggy;
   less than 1.0 will use more but will be more accurate)

Changes 123-124:

– bridges require support
– removed immunity on tent
– fixed premium ban spam on server
– Linux dedicated server performance version released
– Linux client version out

Judging by the amount of simultaneously playing premium account players I decided to bring back the ability to buy Gold Servers Access. I think it’s impossible for more than 10 of 100 players to come play at once (due to various reasons like timezone). So you can buy Gold Servers access now! The price is a bit higher than on pre-orders, it is 10$.

New servers will come as the demand goes up. Right now I put up a BUILDING SANDBOX server for premium players just to test out how it works.
I’m in the process of renting new servers to launch proper CTF ones. The one thing I don’t have handled is Australia/Asia/Oceania servers. If you have a server there that you can lend it would be awesome! I’ll give you premium account for that. If not, do you know any good dedicated servers hosts there?

Attention server owners!
If you do not want your settings to get overwritten during autoupdate do the following:

  1. Create your own and
  2. Create your own copies of rules files (eg. Rules/CTF)
  3. You can set your custom rules file in
  4. Make your own start script and edit this line:
    ./KAG autostart Scripts/ autoconfig Scripts/

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