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Gameplay video of the Rapid Team Deathmatch mode. Two teams multiplayer. Knights and archers fighting each other.

This is a work-in-progress video of what will be available in King Arthur’s Gold 1.0 beta. To be released soon, when it’s done.

Done. Video soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Join us on the official servers for a little surprise!

Arthurian League Reminder

The ArL is still going on, and has 24 matches remaining at the time of writing. Be sure to tune in to matches as they’re organised to see some of the best clan players duking it out for top position.

They’ve also got a site together where discussion can be posted, and hype can be had. Bookmark it while it’s hot, and be sure to give your feedback to Freddex and rest of the ArL crew on what you’d like to see in the league.

Get involved! Who knows, maybe your clan will be able to take place in the next competitive KAG league 🙂

We’ll continue to post ArL news on facebook and twitter, but I figured some frontpage exposure wouldn’t hurt 😉



Footage from the upcoming beta showing various old and new combat moves + bomb and satchel burning stuff… Fire arrows are left out cause aren’t done yet.

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