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We’re currently thinking of implementing some new interactive stuff – stockpiles and rock pots. Both of these will likely be making an appearance in the next major build.

Stockpiles will allow teams to set up supply routes from the mines to the front line without having to run it there themselves. Workers (any anyone with some looted resources) will be able to drop off resources at a stockpile, which through the magic of videogames will be available at any other team stockpile. The catch is that if a stockpile is destroyed by the enemy, then a proportion of your stored resources will be lost along with it.

Rock pots should make defending doors less traumatic. Dumping rocks on the enemy’s heads will have the same effect as firing a catapult at them.

Next build will also contain some fairly notable nerfs unless someone can find a large hole in our plans:

  • Builders will be slowed whilst placing blocks
  • Knights will have to “reshield” after being hit, essentially reducing their ability to be a walking fortress. This means less futile struggles in doorways and potentially more frustrating melee, so this will need tweaking.
  • Archers will have extra warm up time on their arrows, preventing any effective arrow spam – especially at close range. We’ll be tweaking the length of this “zero force” warmup (think of it as putting an arrow to the bowstring) to get a good balance in but the point is archers will be more or less useless at close range.

Hopefully this will encourage a more defensive/support role for archers without making them fall prey to knights >80% of the time.

Build 71 released

New fixes and changes.
Looting / giving materials is now done with a new key [C].

You can capture the enemy outpost instead of destroying it:

A new voting system is introduced. Press tab and you can mark a player as being abusive. If enough players do the same, he is kicked.

Changes build 70-71:

– added new give/loot key [C]
– picking arrows or rocks is done with harvest key [RMB] (right mouse)
– only archer can pickup arrows; only builder can pickup rocks
– added Mark Griefer option on scoreboard [TAB]
  * available after 10 mins of game time
  * if enough players mark a player he gets kicked
 – outposts are capturable (stand on it; the more players the faster capture)
 – outposts are 25% stronger (2 bombs)
– fixed network memory leak
– dead bodies don’t block digging
– fixed picking class in destroyed tent
– less hits to gib
– if [TAB] pressed scroeboard stays
– unbalanced team with more players spawns longer
– fixed admin menu kicking
– most bottom row of map cannot be digged/destroyed
– decreased player name length to 20 characters
– fixed block menu not appearing on tent
– console doesn’t scroll if text entered in prompt
– fixed vote server crash
– fixed giving materials not working sometimes
– fixed rcon player ping kick console spam
– fixed 0 time ban from admin
– KAG servers can be joined from browser :

EDIT: Linux server and client are updated.

If you own a server and miss the old Goldhunt gamemode just
open Base/Scripts/

and replace LoadRules(“Rules/CTF/gamemode.cfg”);

I haven’t tested it, so if it doesn’t work please tell me.

Build 70 released!

As promised bug fixes, abuse fixes and some balance improvements. Still more to come…

Changes build 67-70:

– fixed memory leaks on map creation/restart
– can’t vote on self
– player being voted on is marked with red circle
– added message to inform about banning during vote
– all votes are sent to rcon admin
– increased game start to 2 players on team
– added “restartmap_onlastplayer_disconnect” option to game rules (gamemode.cfg)
– decreased max player name characters to 27
– fixed player names having leading or trailing whitespaces
– fixed spikes not removing stone if placed on background
– fixed broken outpost working
– auto-balancing: if teams differ by 2 players can’t switch teams freely
– /kickid cmd is done by player id instead of index (/players views id’s)
– added Admin menu to main menu (for rcon logged players to easily kick, restart map)
– lowered default “nearspawn_multiplier” to 2.2
– bomb range is shorter
– maximum 1 bomb can be carried by Knight
– bomb always kills (unshielded) in close proximity
– gold is always buried at least 5 blocks underground

Next release I will be focusing entirely on bug fixing, abuse fixing and some balancing. This game is soo much fun, I shouldn’t say this because I made it, but I can’t resist. It hurts me seeing the fun spoiled so I want to deal with it.

PS. It’s better to run the game under Wine now on Linux (works perfect), because I haven’t still fixed it.

PS2. Hot fix released:
– fixed start game crash
– fixed not being able to join team again

Build 67 released!

It’s time for CAPTURE THE FLAG!

This replaces the old default gamemode. The objective is now to breech the enemy castle and take his flag. Bring the flag to your tent and touch team flag to score! 3 points and you win the round.

All the new game mechanics and controls are explained in the tutorial poster:

There are a zillion things changed in this release. Please read the changelog for details but just to give you a short overview:

  • Builder has a little block menu (hold [F] and hover mouse on your block)
  • Default controls changes:
  • Change class with [E] on tent
  • No need to hold button to throw bomb; Light bomb with [F], jump to use momentum to add velocity to the throw and press [F] again
  • You can now give some material to your teammates by pressing [E] on them
  • Builder can now build an outpost; team members need to walk on it to set it as their respawn location; requires 120 wood and 60 gold
  • Dying near respawn takes much longer (up to 12 secs)
  • Many changes in generator (for example there is plenty of stone behind your tent)
  • Kick voting is done only within your own team (50% of team votes needed by default)
  • New in-game multiplayer map editor
  • Trees drop and regrow faster
  • New buildable spikes. You can place these on the floor, ceilings and walls. They work exactly as you think they should :).

  • Last but not least. This is probably the biggest game changer. Death to skybridges. Long live dropping an entire castle on your enemies heads! All constructions now require support (after about 5 blocks) and are physically collapsible. As seen on this video:


Changes build 57-67:

– new default gamemode Capture the Flag
– construction require support if longer than 5 blocks
– added fully collapsible physical blocks
– added buildable outpost
– added HUD block menu (hold [F])
– change class button is now [E] on tent/outpost
– pressing [E] on team member gives 10 of each materials
– changed bomb throwing
  * pressing [F] lights bomb
  * press [F] again throws at default velocity
  * to throw further you must add momentum from jumping  
– decreased sack/flag throw velocity but is affected by player velocity
– not drawing 0 amount label on objects
– fixed catapult/tent resource icon red
– fixed healing heart not adding to 3 hearts in knight
– fixed client changing health
– Knight respawns with 1 bomb
– fixed respawn timer
– dying near respawn results in longer respawn time (gamemode config variable “nearspawn_multiplier”)
– fixed server trying to delete client object which was never sent
– fixed local player globally banned issue
– fixed chat position after death
– fixed label appearing on tent
– added buildable outpost tent
– trees don’t appear on mountains
– own bomb hurts self
– server list is sorted by player count
– fixed catapult rocks making sounds on die
– fixed m_generator not being loaded
– script can now load from generator files eg. LoadMap(“Scripts/generator_ctf.cfg”);
  * LoadMap(“”); – loads m_generator variable
  * LoadMap(“Scripts/foobar.cfg”); – loads random generator map from config
  * LoadMap(“Maps/foobar.png”); – loads map from png image
 – generator changes:
   * caves don’t appear under respawn
   * materials appear in larger concentrations behind respawn
– improved gib graphics
– added spikes trap
– fixed sacks/flag collisions near tent
– fixed sack/flag throw velocity lag on throw
– fixed tents not being saved on client (with /savemap cmd)
– stuck player gibs
– fixed and optimized collisions
– removed bugged map name from servers list
– fixed tutorial text background
– trees regrow faster
– materials and construction blocks appear as icons + count on HUD
– sound listener center moved to player instead of center of screen
– fixed player label appearing twice on u_shownames set
– fixed crash when wrong generator file specified
– background castle block costs 3 stone
– added and fixed chat console transparency
– fixed ladder and castle back giving wrong resource number on destroy
– fixed chat bubble staying longer after Enter pressed
– builder doesn’t animate if can’t build at position
– fixed invisible body looting
– added “Looted” text for empty bodies
– team members can loot bombs again
– fixed HUD images stretching
– can’t join again own team
– fixed team menu disappearing when [BACKSPACE] pressed first time
– added floating amount of materials added or removed (on mine, loot or give)
– vote kicks can be casted only against one’s team members
– added “readme” information in vote menu
– rcon players are marked with x in players list
– added unlockable map editor
– own player label dissapears when mouse cursor close
– HUD dissapears on death
– trees drop faster
– fixed door issue being placed on tree stump
– fixed spawning removing background behind tent
– map resets after last player left
– slow arrors give half damage

Public release on weekend

The new version is massive fun. I’m spending lots of time playing instead of developing. Fortunately it’s nearly ready for public release. Just a few more tweaks and it should be release for the weekend.

You can always play the dev test version here.

I just made a new tutorial poster explaining the CTF mechanics and all the new stuff. Like the fact that bomb throwing changed (light bomb with [F]; throw with [E]). I changed this because it is easier to throw the bomb using momentum this way (no need to hold F).

Many people have asked for it so I setup a donation page (through PayPal).
If you really like the game consider donating some gold :). Any amount you want.

To encourage donating I have a present for you. Once you donate you’ll obtain access to the in-game multiplayer map editor. Details in this video:


Donate now

What do you players think of customisation of your avatar? How important is it?

Here I’ve presented a simple way of customising your avatar – you’d be able to set the skin colour, hair colour and gender of your player and we could probably get that up and working within say, about a week of the CTF release (no promises though 😉 ).

I’d love some feedback on that more realistic proportion of worker as well – I’m thinking that the game world would feel larger and the animation would be more fluid at that scale, as well as giving the game a more unique aesthetic, but Michal is worried about losing “character” in the sprites with the loss of faces to animate… What do you think?

That’s the builder in an environment for comparison.

Forum thread here:

EDIT: I’ve noticed that some people think the two ideas are linked (smaller scale and colour customisation) – They aren’t 🙂

Pre-built maps

There is a topic on the forums where players post pre-built painted maps. This is an interesting thing that I would like to develop more alongside the generated maps. Competitive matches will surely need the same balanced map everytime.

Btw. I encourage you to join the forums & start posting now!

By some total coincidence I found the problem that causes the “still image, can’t move mouse cursor or open menu” bug that some users had on start. It seems different CPU architecture is responsible for it, I would have never found it, if the bug did not randomly happen on my dev server on which we are testing the new release.

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