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Steam Achievements, latest update, sale on Steam

Hey everyone!

The build we released before the weekend should curb some of the issues people have had with the graphics code, it also adds a few more achievement fixes, fixes a few menu issues, and makes localhost mods work again, which is important for testing them and for offline modded play.

Let us know here if you continue to have issues, please!

KAG Achievements

Also, to celebrate the Steam Achievements update, you can now grab KAG for 15% off on Steam.

Here’s the full changelog:

[fixed] save the princess fade out
[fixed] save the princess flashing screen
[removed] eternal love (princess kissing after death)
[added] achievement unlock sound
[fixed] servers browser and settings overlapping esc menu
[modified] servers browser and settings center on screen
[fixed] problems with CTF mapcycle
[fixed] crash on warboat unpack
[fixed] warboat unpack counting as cap
[added] achievement unlock sound
[fixed] localhost mods not working
[modified] no border forced on windowed mode (too many complaints)
[modified] screen forcibly resized is just a warning now, doesn't change any values


Have Fun!


Trench Run – Build 12 – Pets + Toys, More Maps, Costumes and Drunkenness


This is most likely the last patch before a major Steam release which we’re aiming at Thursday next week (no promises though). This build provides lots of fixes including engine fixes from KAG (like resolution bugs). We also added an Australia + Oceania region, so come play with nicer pings if you are from there :). Class balance feels very good now, but if you have issues feel free to comment on forums.



Get Trench Run here
(if you haven’t yet).


[modified] hover messages dont draw background for short-lived messages
[fixed] truck help msgs errors
[fixed] bot names and portraits in Run briefing
[added] generic sound for every parachute drop
[added] basketball bounces off map edge
[added] can drink up to 20 in the VIP bar (its your funeral)
[fixed] a bunch of stuff dying if it went off the edge too fast
[updated] readme with new facts
[modified] drink decay time is 5min
[added] dog & bunny & parrot
[added] buying pet toys
[added] dog fetching behaviour
[modified] remotebomb has same HP as a soldier
[added] coffee stand to the lobby
[added] can't move when healing
[added] short stun after healed
[added] heal indicator
[added] can't heal when flying in air
[added] temporary icon indicator for healing
[modified] hover messages appear slightly higher
[modified] x_x hover message appears much higher
[added] chat gets drunk if player is really drunk
[modified] improved drunk filter
[fixed] medic throwing supplies fucked up
[added] cpu indicator to scoreboard (in ping column)
[added] commando can disarm remote bombs
[dev] fixed console spam on mac
[modified] much better drunk shader (drunken GUI!)
[added] new desert backdrop
[modified] renamed Engineer to Demolitions
[added] quality of life - can hit enter and esc to skip titles
[fixed] bug in mountains where some tiles weren't solid
[modified] commando swipes can be aimed up/down+diagonals (really useful for pro movement)
[added] wins/losses leaderboards
[modified] lobby map a lot - its much less wide and basketball stuff is in the middle now - WIP
[added] map3 for city and desert in skirmish
[added] forest, mountain, swamp map3 skirmish
[added] trenches map3 skirmish
[added] village skirmish map3
[added] AU lobby/region

MM & Geti

KAG Build 1792 – Steam Achievements, Fixes and Resolution Changes

Hey everyone!

First up, the major change this time around is the addition of Steam Achievements! If after the build is out you have trouble seeing progress on the achievements, please get in touch with us on the forums! If not, for the completionists out there – get collecting! There are 64 achievements total including 4 super secret achievements. Huge props to Norill and Skinney, our two interns who have been behind this massive workload!

Some of the sweet achievement art! 64 of these bad boys to unlock!

Secondly, the game resolution has been changed from a 4:3 ratio by default to a more modern widescreen layout – the default resolution has changed from 1024×768 to 1280×720 (720p). This should increase the appearance of the game at most modern fullscreen resolutions, and allow the use of KAG on some laptop screens with a small vertical resolution. The game will also no longer allow the specification of a window size very close to the desktop resolution – the reason for this is that the OS will resize the window anyway in those cases and cause the game to render badly.

This change may cause some teething pains and graphical issues, please report them on the forums and we’ll look into the ASAP. We’re still working on some of the “black screen” issues introduced recently, but it seems that a lot of these issues are actually caused by out of date graphics drivers. Please update your drivers before reporting any graphical issues on any OS!

Game side, a few small things have been added and fixed:

  [fixed] mines will reliably deploy in all settings as long as they are still
        (note - this does mean that they wont deploy when on a moving boat, but
         they can be moved once deployed and wont retract)
  [fixed] fire kills not credited correctly
  [fixed] several crashes
  [added] SURGE head - congratulations for winning MLK2!
  [modified] flowers more colourful
  [removed] Warboat decaying when left alone
  [fixed] ramming kills not credited
  [added] drill hitter type
  [fixed] several tutorial placement/graphical bugs (thanks makmoud98)
  [added] sync to faketech methods (may fix desync on ballista bomb bolt tech)


Have Fun!

Max, Michal and all the THD Team!

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