Running your own KAG server

If you want to host your own server just run from your KAG directory:
dedicated.bat on Windows on Linux (I will release this shortly)

The default port on which the server works is 50301. Be sure to forward this port on your firewall.

Configure your server with these config files:


Some parameters worth considering:
m_width = 290; – map width in tiles
m_height = 110; – map height
m_seed = 0; – map random seed; use 0 for random seed each time
sv_maxplayers = 32;
sv_ip = `0`; – assign a specific IP port or leave 0
sv_port = 50301; – port on which the server listens
sv_rconpassword = “; – rcon password for remote admin
sv_name = `KAG Server`; – the name of your server
sv_info = “; – info description which appears in the servers list


In this file you can specify what map loads on start. To load a specific map use this command (you can load autosave.png after a server crash to start from the previous saved map):
LoadMap( “Maps/autosave.png” );

To generate a random map use this command:
LoadMap( “” );

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