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Build 353 Released!

The picture explains what this update is about. We spent some time tweaking the whole carry/throw functionality. So now you can pickup a corpse, load it into a catapult and fire or… pickup a corpse, get into a catapult, have someone launch you and drop the corpse midair on someone’s head!

Imagination is the limit.

To make this easier the catapult controls are hopefully more intuitive. The menu stays but you can now use [E] and [LEFT CLICK] on it without going into the menu. So:

  • if you are carrying something it puts it in the catapult by default by simply pressing [E]
  • if you’re not carrying anything it loads stone with [E]
  • if you have no stone, you get in yourself with [E]
  • walking onto a catapult and holding fire [LEFT CLICK] will pull the catapult as you enter launch mode
  • also, tapping [C] will pickup the closest object if there is more than 1 on the ground near you

There’s lots of bug fixes too, so check it out. Zombie Fortress multiplayer has some bugs fixed but it’s still not officially released and supported. It should be 100% ready next week.

Changes 349-353:

– can carry corpses

– corpses are gibbable

– corpses hurt others when thrown

– if there are lots of objects on the ground closest one will be picked up on tap [C]

– fixed not being able to get out of catapult (use [E])

– quick tap [E] on catapult does most obvious action (in order of priority: put item, load stone, mount yourself)

– you can enter catapult firemode just by pressing fire on catapult

– you can now use bubbles, taunts, light bombs and fire stuff while in catapult

– fixed not being able to get in catapult while holding something

– fixed disconnected payer IP in console showing as number

– fixed female heads invisible

– tweaked carry positions for objects

– fixed throwing issues

– catapult and outpost have more mass

– made keg collision circle smaller

– names in scoreboard have a shadow for better visibility

– only names are role colored

– fixed buttons clickable under full version banner

– added player left message on server

– collapse messages are sent to guards

– guards and admins get info on rcon commands

– fixed map border visibility

– fixed server message on vote kick spam

– fixed console crash

– fixed catapult taking stone when firing dude

– more descriptive catapult usage help

– hitting wall at large velocity takes health

– boulder doesnt hurt team players now

– corpses in air collide and hurt players

– both people that collide with each other are knocked out and hurt

– fixed out of screen corpses sent through network

– fixed +/- keys voting on Mac

– auth API fixes

– throw arrow appears on all objects

Discussion thread here

Security Breach Hoax

Considering a lot of you are taking it very seriously, the security breach thing was a hoax for april fools, alongside all the Shad related hilarity. We used it as an excuse to get some fixes in that needed putting in but were too mundane to report.

Sorry if we scared some people. You’ll live 🙂

However, keep your eye on that incarnum fellow. He might not have hacked 30% of the KAG population, but he certainly might mail pornography to your grandmother. Be on the alert.

Direly Important Update (Build 349)

We’ve made a pretty bad mistake with one of the more recent updates, which added some functionality to the autoupdater. We’ve been working furiously over this weekend to solve the problem, and have finally finished the work needed to solve the problem, which we’ve put into an emergency patch.

The exploit (which we wont detail for lack of further harm) allows malicious users to inject code directly into KAG. As such, literally anything could be happening to your computer as you play. Many of the users reporting strangeness with their computers (ie the reports that tipped us off that something was awry) also report not being able to log into the forums, as their accounts have been deactivated in the database.

Reports have come in of people’s computers randomly popping up pornography, uninstalling KAG, openning hundreds of windows, consuming large amounts of bandwidth, and other blatant troll-virus symptoms.

Luckily, MM’s computer was attacked yesterday, and we were able to learn more about the technical side of the attacks.

Most of the attacks have contained some reference to urls containing ‘’, either grahically or as a target address for intercepted encrypted outbound traffic. It isn’t clear yet if it’s incarnum launching these attacks or someone with a vendetta against him trying to marr his name – we’re working on cracking the encrypted packets to get a clue.

We’re not sure how many computers have been affected, but regardless this patch should be the end of any new infections. Be sure to run a virus scan after installing.

I know this falls on april 1st for some of you, but this is no joke. Patch your game.

MM & Geti

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