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B869 – Fixes and Tweaks

Mostly just fixes for the biggest “sore thumb” type bugs of Friday’s release, with some tweaks for archer as well.

Archer now charges his legolas shot a little faster, but takes longer to ready his arrow. Major bugs with the grapple have been fixed. Hitting through walls has also been sorted out. A troublesome map has been taken out of the default cycle. A few graphical bugs have been sorted out too.

Enjoy, more changes to come throughout the week as the debate continues about what to do about archer overcharge :^) See you on the forums to discuss it, I’m sure.

Be sure to patch your servers.

Full Changelog:

[fixed] archer can grapple into red barrier
[added][script] red barrier makes a map sector for blobs to read
[fixed] knight (and others) hitting through tiles
[fixed] archer stays in air when structure/tree collapsed
[fixed] gibs load wrong sounds
[added] sound file not found warning
[modified] archer charge times (a bit faster, but longer ready time)
[modified] archer doesn't decharge before legolas shot
[fixed] sparkly layer left over when someone dies with an overcharge left
[removed] voyager.png from TTH mapcycle by popular demand - maybe it'll be back with changes later.


Forum maintenance

Shadlington here. Just letting you guys know that the forums will be down for the next hour or so whilst we perform essential maintenance.
Hopefully that won’t cause anyone too much trouble! I’ll be on IRC for the duration if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience 🙂

EDIT: All done now. Probably a few issues kicking around, but its mostly working again!

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