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Team chat usage poll

New test build

I welcome you to playtest a new Test version. Details are here. Please be sure to read the changelog as to not confuse features/bugs. I’ll be on the Dev Server.

Please post bugs/suggestions from test version with [TEST] prefix on forums or google moderator.

Google Moderator suggestions

I must say I’m not entirely satisfied with GetSatisfaction (there’s too much discussion there were you can do it on the forums; you can’t moderate or vote ideas in the free version etc.). I’ve looked into Google Moderator which is a simple and clean way of posting suggestions or voting on ones you like. Let’s try it!

A collection of recent epic battle screenshots.

Linux client fixed

I’ve made a terribly stupid mistake, that’s why the Linux client didn’t work for some time now. It should all be fixed now. I packed it with TAR to preserve executable rights.


Build 71 hotfix

This is a hotfix release compatible with the current build. It will download automatically.


– fixed Windows XP startup crashing
– fixed respawn counter crash
– fixed initializing text not appearing in console-XXX.txt
– game window automatically is set to smaller resolution if desktop is smaller
– added fail safe methods when video driver is not supported

If these are still a problem please report.
Additionally if you run the Linux version now it will download a debug version. So please post any debugger output if you can.


If your game resolution got screwed please open KAG/Base/Scripts/ and replace these lines:

global v_width = 1024;
global v_height = 768;

I had a few days off but am returning to work on KAG Monday. Geti is on vacation a bit longer. I will be fixing most important issues, like the dreadful crash on startup bug and memory leak on servers. I’ve also taken first steps to compile KAG on MacOSX.

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