A Note about Server Performance

Just wanted to mention about the server performance issues causing slowdown of bombs and similar.

This week we’ll be addressing modding issues where possible and doing and optimisation and bug fix run – no game features and probably not too much balance fiddling.

Reason being that as I’m sure you’ve noticed, 20 player CTF is too taxing on servers. One of the main reasons for this is the coins code – on top of being less than reliable for pickups, it’s also very badly optimised for the new engine with lots of game objects. The config files are also used in a very badly performant way in a few places in the game, which will need to be addressed.

Overall, next week should bring back 32 player games as a possibility for both client and server if we can deal with all the issues in a suitable way. We’ll also be fixing any glaring issues with CTF in a larger context.

For now, it might be best if server hosts would stick to 16 player CTF games at most to avoid the slowdown bugs.

Enjoy your weekend!

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