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This is cross-posted from the forums:

Trust me, we’re as frustrated with this taking as long as it is as you are. We were literally aiming for a feb1 release from the new year, but a lot has happened to push the release back. I’d go into it but it’d bore you as it’s just related to programming issues.

While MM battles with the multiplayer side of things and makes sure all the code is cross-platform compatible I’ve been going around and addressing a lot of the other bugs in-game, like bombs not going through windows properly, bomb jumping being retardedly overpowered, squeezing (i tested with one of those door-teleporters you see in public servers, they don’t work any more thank god) and a few others, and MM has also fixed elevatorjumping, workshops not working with someone in front of them, some issues with hit detection.. I have also set up things like per-player IP and score logging for a server, fixed the whitelist/blacklist code, changed the way bombs damage terrain (which will likely happen again once the build goes public if it rapes dirt too much), tweaked some of the graphics, and I’ll be working on fixing or changing /ban and /unban soon. We really just need to make sure the multiplayer mode isn’t too prone to exploits this time around, tweak how the maps are laid out, fix three AI issues and push it out.

We’ve been crunching since February started, it’s been a hell of a ride.


Figured those of you who don’t frequent the forums could use an update on what’s going on.

Also, if you’re interested in the future of the balance of KAG, get your butt in here and have your say.


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