Announcing King Arthur’s Gold Single Sign-On and Garanis’ projects

Hey everyone,

While there haven’t been many updates to KAG itself over the past month or two, interesting things are coming on the infrastructure and API side.  Here is one that is nearing completion: King Arthur’s Gold Single Sign-On (SSO).

This is a side project that Teemo has been working on with us, which allows users to safely sign into certain community sites with their King Arthur’s Gold game account.  The site never is given your password, as you are logging into the King Arthur’s Gold servers and giving the 3rd party site a “token” to authenticate you with.

The first community site to make use of this is Garanis’ Server Browser, an awesome project which provides an enhanced server browser (gaining new features every week) and buddy list functionality, by making great use of the King Arthur’s Gold API

This post is to let community developers know that this SSO feature will soon be available to any site who wants to use it, and to let the community at large know that it is safe to use this mechanism to log into other sites even though it does not look like something official (yet). 

For users, here is what you need to know: it is safe to log into a site like Garanis’ Server Browser with your KAG account as long as the address in the log in window starts with

If you are a community developer interested in using KAG SSO in your site, please PM me on the forums and I will work with Teemo to get you set up as soon as possible.  The feature is still in development and when it is officially done and supported I will make another post about it.  Here are the features planned:

  • lightweight SSO or OAuth2
  • The lightweight SSO will be done first and offer SSO via a redirect to and from our login form on, and an API call to verify the token and retrieve account information
  • With the token verification API call, you can have access to the user’s e-mail address (if the user allows it) and other account information (which is already public now, but this saves an API call)
  • OAuth2 SSO standard – details on this implementation will come at some point.

We are also planning on supporting API-side buddy lists at some point, but for now there are great tools in the works like Garanis buddy list functionality.

I’ll be trying to post some more over the next week or two about more planned API features and other improvements we are making in the infrastructure that supports KAG, as this next release will really be a hell of a thing.

You can discuss and voice questions/comments/concerns about anything mentioned in this post here on the forums


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