Aus Server up for testing!

I’ve been trying to find a good hosting partner for KAG in Australia for a long time, hopefully I’ve found a suitable company now 🙂 I’ll be running the server as a trial for the next month to monitor bandwidth usage etc, over the next week it’ll likely stay as 16 players only to make sure it’s not going to explode with traffic, but feel free to give it a shot.

The current settings:

  • 12 players
  • 512×64 map (long and short, prevents skybridges and overpowered catapults)
  • Default generator only
  • Default CTF

If all goes well this week I’ll be bumping the player count to 24 and attaching an RTDM server as well for some more low-latency fun! Sorry for the time off the air!

We’re busy as beavers at the moment, hopefully that’s reflected in playable advances soon 😉

EDIT: forum topic here.

EDIT: dropped the players to 12 while we sort out odd networking issues, sorry!


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