B834 – Spikes, Better Necromancer and Lots of Fixes

New update – Work in progress and more to come, but should address a few of the concerns people have been having. Important changes in bold as usual. Check the new spikes – they let your run past but also restab. They do less damage as requested to prevent paving the world in hurtiness and cost the same.

Sprite operations have been sped up a fair bit as well – if factories were lagging for you when onscreen please post here if that is fixed – if not we may need to take more drastic measures.


[fixed] twitter feed messages ignoring escapes like ’
[fixed] spikes stacking
[fixed] saw animation
[fixed] mounted bow cant shoot backwards on vehicle
[modified] arrows smash into smaller gibs rather than big wood ones
[fixed] gib randomisation sucks
[fixed] mounted bow jitter in 2 high spaces
[fixed] saw rotation inconsistencies
[added] way funnier princess name >:^)
[modified] warboat hp buffed +50%
[modified] bombs can go through 1×1 holes again
[fixed] water bombs collide with people again
[fixed] bombs dont go through shielded enemies now (makes it easier to bombjump enemy bombs reactively)
[modified] single player section quite a bit, necromancer section is a little harder but more straightforward
[fixed] support issues when building on doors
[fixed] trap blocks not destructing when fallen on trap blocks
[added] trap block gibs
[fixed] flying when suicide
[removed] put in backpack help text
[fixed] help texts wrapping counter and showing again after some time
[fixed] can’t destroy blocks where ladder is
[fixed] ladder water leak
[fixed] not being able to destroy block under ladder
[modified] hall class change and factory buttons are unavaiable unless you are inside the room
[fixed] can access hall inventory as other team
[modified] hall buttons except research dont work from outside (so you can still vote when far away)
[modified] stronger longboat
[added] saw scroll to trader
[fixed] door collapses sometimes not happening
[fixed] spikes invisible bug
[modified] spikes more visible when retracted
[modified] spikes do 0.5 damage
[modified] spikes auto-restab (dont get trapped in spike pit)
[modified] spikes have delay on their stab
[modified] challenge map some more

More updates will be out probably by the end of the week, but this should help tide you over until then!


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