B893 – Automatic Mod Downloading

This update introduces automatic mod file downloading from the server you join.

I hope this will show how easy KAG + modding is. Making a mod on your server is really as simple now as:

  1. Say you want to add bunnies on your server.
  2. Go to this thread and download this bunny rabbit mod by Skinnet from the modding forums.
  3. Unpack the bunny into {KAG}/Mods/Bunny
  4. Open {KAG}/mods.cfg and add the line Bunny at the bottom of the file
  5. Start your dedicated server
  6. Wait for people to join (it will autodownload the bunny for them)
  7. Spawn bunnies for them with the chat command !bunny

That’s all, I really hope we see some awesome modded servers in a while. 
Be sure to check “Modded” button in the server browser because by default it filters them out (so the game is noob friendly).


Changes 890-893:

[added] automatic mod downloading on join server

[fixed] coin drop sounds

[script][added] for convenient setting of tilemap flags from script

[fixed] wall run on doors and trap blocks

[fixed] archer continues to grapple after going through tunnel

[modified] smoothened the fixed camera very much

[fixed] bugs with flag base sector not being in the right place 

(doesn't vanish completely any more, but gets much smaller to prevent "flag cases" from being really hard to break)

[fixed] doors and trap doors wall running

[fixed] idle server pausing broken


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