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2 Weeks since last update? Better fix that!

This week we’ve worked on siege engines that you can jump into as a driver or passenger, farming grains and on getting combat feeling better and more balanced.


As always it hasn’t come free, as a few days were spent battling and eventually rewriting some fairly fundamental code to allow scripts to sync variables over the internet more or less painlessly – Thanks to Michal for his tireless work on that.

SirSalami’s also been working on Jazzing the site up a little to make sure it’s simple to use for someone who knows nothing about the game. More on that soon as it becomes ready for release or previews (I’ll leave that at his discretion).

The lighting code has been reworked to not be team-biased, less hard edged and to perform better on low-end machines, and classic lighting without shadowing has also been brought back. We’ve decided to make the later option mandatory on non-gold servers because they don’t have lanterns, which makes caves rather un-useful for anything other than blindly tunnelling towards the enemy base. While we realise this might be fun for some, it can still happen in gold servers.

The lighting update will likely make it out to public at some point next week, the huge update is still a few weeks off at absolute earliest though.

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