Build 1013

It’s official, we’ve crossed the 1000 build mark!

This marks more than a thousand days since we started working on KAG, quite a journey! We’re currently looking into things to do to celebrate, but in the meantime we’ve got another bugfix and maintenance patch to get things back in gear.

  • Knight Shield Stacking
    This is now a physical thing – you need to actually jump onto the guy shielding you. It looks quite funny, like a frantic scramble to get over a wall. This should fix the people shield-flying over the red barrier as well, as they should not be able to jump on top of each other ;^)
  • TDM Spawns
    TDM now works with multiple spawn markers. Players will randomly spawn at either of the possible spawns, for a more diverse TDM experience. We’re looking for some nice maps to add to the pool, drop them in the thread if you want them looked at :^)
  • Documentation work
    There’s been more work done documenting the CBlob class at – the docs there are almost complete, we’ll be covering the sprite class next. It’s a very slow and exhausting job, so hopefully someone is getting some use out of it! Please leave feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see, we’re kind of shooting in the dark here.
  • Community Sourced Fixes
    This build has two community sourced fixes and improvements, one from Verra expanding the functionality, and one from norill fixing mines “randomly” exploding your demolition shop. Thanks guys!
  • Misc Fixes
    I’ve also fixed a few miscellaneous bugs, including the misleading join message, which used to read “ has joined as ” – it now shows the correct “ has joined as ”. Sorry to anyone accused of impersonating as a result of this, I know I have a few times!

Have Fun!


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