Build 1026 – Miscellaneous Improvements

This build has many nice new features for all:


  • Colour Coded Server Browser
    The server browser now displays official servers in gold, and modded servers in blue, so you can find the play experience you’re after more easily, and so it’s clear if any mods need to be downloaded without clicking anything.
  • Time-Based Vanilla-Only Filter
    The Vanilla-Only filter turns itself off after 1 day of play now, to help modded servers get more traffic.
  • Item Spam Prevention
    Thanks to a modified script by community member ZeroZ30o a bunch of easily-spammed items will quickly decay if there are too many in one spot.
  • AFK’s will Auto-Disconnect
    Thanks to community member Norill for the majority of this script. This is effective in CTF, TTH and Sandbox at the moment (and any other mode with rounds longer than 5 mintues)
  • Fixed “Simple” Lighting
    Mainly for TDM, where lighting is more nuisance than fun, but might also be welcome on small CTF servers, and will make the game run slightly faster for players with weak computers on those servers.
  • Fixed Bans, Whitelist
    Server bans and whitelist are now fully functional again.
  • Lots of Community Maps
    Maps from community members 8x, Asumagic, Joiken, Srgt_Sneaky-Pants and kodysch have been added to the TDM cycle to spice up that mode.
  • Map Shuffle More Random
    The map shuffle is “more random” (whatever that means), and the cycle is re-randomised each 15 minutes (rather than every 12 hours).

Full Changelog:

[modified] drop items on class change at shops (consistency purposes)
[added] a bunch of tdm maps from the community
[fixed] random map shuffle is more random now
[fixed] people being able to "cheat" unique/blank heads.
[fixed] game auto-restarting even when noautoupdate set
[fixed] ban reason strings not getting applied correctly ("/ban Sedgewick -1 Relentless griefer" should work properly now)
[fixed] IP banning local IP addresses (omits 178.etc block at the moment)
[fixed] whitelist/blacklist/ignorelist getting corrupted on load
[added] ability to color servers list box
[added] links to script docs in some txt files
[added] modded and official servers are marked with color
[added] non-vanilla servers should be disabled only for first day of playing
[fixed] massive typo bug in checking blacklist
[fixed] reloading security would not automatically "expire" any already expired bans for a few minutes
[fixed] ban time not checked at the time of joining, so bans lasted longer than they should
[added] script to automatically kick AFK players - thanks norill! (note: doesn't work on TDM or any gamemode with rounds shorter than about 5 minutes)
[added] Lanterns, Crates, Buckets, Boulders, Sponges automatically decay if spammed, adapted from script by ZeroZ30o
[fixed] no_shadowing bool in gamemode.cfg
[added] no_shadowing to TDM
[added] no "spikey" script CPU usage by staggering based on blob network ID
[added] 2 more 8x maps
[modified] maps are randomised each 15 minutes (previous over-randomisation was causing too much doubling up)

Have Fun!


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