Build 1043 – Back to Reality

No more endless love I’m afraid.

This build also contains a few bugfixes and an exciting community addition, the storage cache. Thanks to Skinney for this nice object.

This fancy storage has a “drop all” button and a way of accessing the stuff that’s inside. We may be tweaking the interface just a little (making the drop all button vanish if you’re not carrying anything), but it’s functional and fun, so no more dinghy storages in CTF.

There’s also no build zones at the edge of the map to avoid “infinite jump” cheats, and some minor fixes for admins and modders.

Full Changelog:

[removed] valentines event code.
[added] CTF storage from Skinney
[added] Extra "no build" zones on the edge of the map from Skinney
[added] camera rotation and position is cleared on disconnect.
[fixed] /restartmap actually nextmapping
[fixed] some bugs in file replacer

Have Fun!


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