Build 1043 Hotfix – Patcher Typo

Due to a small typo in the patcher code, some files may have been moved outside of your KAG folder with the last build. While this won’t be undone with this patch, it should prevent any new files from ending up there.

While this should not cause any harm whatsoever to your computer, it will have caused a little bit of clutter in your folders that you may want to clean up.

To undo the clutter caused by this:

  • Navigate to the directory above your KAG directory (if you have KAG installed at C:KAG, check C:)
  • Check if there is a folder called “old” – if there isn’t, no clutter was caused.
  • If there is, check that the only contents of “old” are KAG related (usually a folder called “Base” with some “storage” files in it).
  • If that’s all that’s in there, you can safely delete “old” to be clear of clutter. If not, use your best judgement for the other files, as they may belong to some other program.

Steam users should be unaffected. I have no concrete knowledge of if Desura users will be affected or not, but I think they probably will be. Users with a “normal” standalone install will definitely be affected, including servers.

As there is no version number change for this patch, server availability should be more or less unaffected (though servers will automatically restart themselves as usual normal).

THD apologises for this mix up.

I can shed more light on any individual concerns you may have in the forum thread for this announcement.



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