Build 1047 – Tweaks and Modding Fixes

We’ve been working with modders this week on getting some specific issues fixed and a few examples of “how to do X” in preparation for that modding showcase. Particular thanks to Norill, Skinney, and Rayne along with the rest of the testers and anyone posting in that call to arms thread.

Other changes this build are mostly minor, with a gameplay focus.

Pictured: Common fear of many Australians, now tweaked for more balance despite my fondness for crying enemies.

  • Water ammo only stuns through shield on a direct hit
    This prevents water spam from being too detrimental and counter-competitive; It’s a change that’s been on the list for quite a while, but as expected it was somewhat fiddly to do properly over the net.
  • Arrows take no damage from jabs, only slashes.
  • Water arrows splash when killed rather than turning into one bit of wood.
  • Fire arrows do 2 full hearts of damage instead of 1.75 hearts (1 heart on hit, 1 heart of burn)
  • Fixed mods not downloading new files the next time.
  • Fixed not being able to load maps from Mods/ folders.
  • Added example custom tile mod – note that this is only the tip of the iceberg, to have a tile that takes damage, animates etc you have to roll a lot more of your own code, which is not for the faint of heart.
  • Fixed joining modded server the first time often crashing.
  • Joining modded servers only preloads used files (much faster joins for small/simple mods)

Full Changelog:

[modified] gold stacks to 500, not 1k per inventory slot
[added] increased burn time - fire arrows now do 1heart damage + 1heart burn
[script][fixed] getPlayer(i) should return null now when player count is 0 or index is wrong
[fixed] mod loaded only on 1st time game launched
[fixed] mods not loading or crashing on 2nd server join
[modified] water bombs don't stun through shield unless on a direct hit
[added] water arrows stun shielded knights only on direct hit
[fixed] tresflags map being "cut off" by the no build zone at the top
[fixed] mods not updating by force downloading every time
[added][fixed] can load maps from Mod folders by adding map name to mapcycle without need for extension
[added] example for new block in scripts
[script] made it a bit easier to handle custom tiles in mods (use a modded
[modified] arrows cannot be jabbed, only slashed.
[modified] just first day of playing won't show modded servers (was 2)
[fixed] joining modded server 1st time resulting in crashes
[modified] joining server only preloads used files (significantly faster joining)

Have Fun!


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