Build 1053 – Not a lot happening! Check back in a day or two :)

Sorry for the late post. Been trying to push out a hotfix for something that needs changing in this update before the changes are ready to be made proper use of – that’ll have to wait till Monday now, unfortunately.

Basically, this update marks the first inclusion of the mod verification/distribution system I’ve been working on for the past few months.

This first update only caters to the first part, verification: it lets mod devs register their mods and then when servers/clients load up mods they can verify that those mods have come from the developer they claim to have come from, without being tampered with.

Future updates will involve a more robust mod distribution system that will (I hope) please both mod devs and server owners alike (allowing for things like auto-updates of mods as devs push out new releases).

That said… I’m not going to tell you how to use it properly yet, because as I mentioned at the start of this post I still have to make a change to it (hopefully released on Monday) and it’d be best if folks didn’t make use of the new stuff till then. As the new verification stuff is turned off by default, this means that everything is working like normal for now – no changes required.

Anyways, aside from that stuff there were also a couple of minor changes from Geti that you can find in the changelog below.

Full Changelog:

[added] builder cant build backwall/ladders/etc in the edge 2 tiles of the map.
[modified] no build zones are 3 tiles at edge, not 5 and 10.
[added] some changes to maps
[added] initial mod verification integration


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