Build 1085 – “Shiprekt”

Incoming Big Build!

Lots of KAG Tweaks, and AUS Official Servers!

First of all, the example mod “Shiprekt” is having its first public release! It’s a bit rough around the edges but demonstrates a complete total conversion to top down ship building carnage!

List of “Shiprekt” Features:

  • Full total conversion in a simple KAG mod. Join a server and play, no bullshit!
  • Top down block based ship building, with per-block destruction!
  • Totally Moddable! Want more blocks in the game? Add them!



A handful of KAG tweaks have gone ahead at the same time, either driven by Shiprekt development, community feedback, tester suggestions or sudden inspiration to change things up.

List of the major KAG tweaks:

  • Spikes changes
    Spikes now stun on hit
    Spikes now hit when wallsliding or wall running
    These combine to allow some devlish 1 hit kill traps and a lot more vertical control when placed on wood blocks and mixed with trap blocks to save them from hurting your team. I’m very keen to see where this takes the building meta.
  • No arrow slashing
    I decided I didn’t have strong feelings about this and the majority opinion is that it’s luck based and hurts competitive play, even if it does look cool.
  • More Particle Functionality
    Modders will be happy to know that as part of Shiprekt development we added a heap of nice new functionality to particles, such as scripted callbacks and being able to get a handle to pixel particles. BV contains good examples of this new functionality, check out in particular as it demos all 3 of these.
  • Various annoying exploits fixed
    A coin duplication bug and the infinite spawning traders bug should both be fixed, pending confirmation from public testing. The coin dupe fix is temporary, a proper solution will be done over the next week.
  • TDM Tweaks
    -Trader menu in TDM stays open after purchase
    -TDM prices reshuffled to prevent a million spec arrow spams.
    Anyone who regularly (or even irregularly) plays TDM should be pleased with these changes.

There are also now Official Australian Servers, have a look for them in the server browser! Only took 3 years!

These are the result of some collaboration with the guys hosting the major community Aus servers to move their ever competent admins over to an official capacity, and keep the Aus community strong in the face of them running low on funding. As always the official servers are hosted by Joe/jrgp. We’ll be working hard to keep these servers up to the same quality as the old community ones.

Have Fun!


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