Build 1120 – Balance, Modding and Fixes

Hey guys, kinda small build this time but there’s some nice little changes in there that will help server owners tweak their play experience how they like, and hopefully see a rise in novel modes.

  • Config Vars
    TDM especially has benefited from the addition of more variables exposed through a config file – even the old RTDM mode is now possible through simple config file changes. CTF has also had most of its costs exposed through a config, though some of the more involved ones were left out. We’ll see how much use they get before going the extra mile. Older players keen to play some RTDM again should be happy about this one anyway!
  • TDM Tweaks
    TDM economy has been tweaked a little bit (as part of getting the config working) – there is a minimum of coins each round, but you can also save up in between rounds to help reward good play and allow for maps without a trader on them. The round plays a little more like counter strike now, on maps with a trader at least. We’re seeing more item use overall, but not too much spamming of any one item (except maybe bomb arrows 😉
    Shops can be turned off completely from within the config file as well, and all costs can be adjusted.
    Traders are also always neutral, so they don’t protect one team and hinder another (though they can be used as makeshift cover).
  • Swap Channels Option
    Linux users rejoice! Lucas has added a swap channels option for those suffering the flipped audio bug.
  • Spectator cam kicks in faster
    Small tweak, but those sick of looking at their corpse for 5 seconds after dying are in for a treat :^)
  • Fixed “Corner Hitting”
    The longest standing bug still in KAG has been fixed! Hitting through corners is no longer a thing.
  • Keg Tweaks
    Bombjumping with kegs has been fixed, and the keg is lighter. The keg dropping on hit is still in, as we feel this provides a much more interesting mechanic. It’s been moved a little backwards to help with it getting shot off your back by arrows. Keg explosions are now also symmetrical, the “down” line of the explosion isn’t strangely weak any more.
  • Knight Shield Direction Unlocked
    The shield direction in air has been fully unlocked to allow shielding to the side while in the air more easily. The shield angle has also been subtly increased (not anything like what it was though)
  • Longer CTF Build Time
    By default, the CTF build time is now 180 seconds instead of 120, so the pre game castles should be a little better prepared. We’ll be observing the issues this might introduce with rushing being non-viable, but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Build should be out across all platforms within the hour. Be sure to leave your comments in the build thread on the forums.

As always, have fun!


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