Build 1236 – Fixes and Archer Tweaks

A quick one, so only a few changes this time around.

First up:

We’re hearing you on the archer shotgun changes

This has been a strongly dividing issue – some like it, some hate it, there are certainly more archers and more arrows flying.

To counteract this we’ve made the outer arrows of overcharged shots disintegrate after a moderate distance; you can still use them for support and CQC, but cant rain them in big arcs.

If this isn’t enough to stabilise the opinions around it and result in a good archer meta we’ll take a vote on where to go next. So far we’re seeing more archers, which we take as an indication that the class is currently more fun for the average joe – we’ve just got to find a balance that appeases the higher tier players and those maining other classes.

Fix and Tweak Summary

  • Potential Fix for invisible mines
    This one has been clamoured about for a while – we thought this was fixed a few builds ago but
  • Fixed Builders getting half materials
    This was a hard to catch typo bug that slipped in halfway through the last round of changes; was good that it was caught early after the release though and has been fixed now.
  • Fixed some spike network sync issues
    at the cost of a little latency in the spikes reaction
  • Removed archer ignoring fixed camera setting
    We decided to just let players choose properly; some people have been complaining about this both ways so we removed the conflicting setting.
  • Clantag re-added to character name in scoreboard
    Adding a new column would take too long, so the clantag was just added to the name column again.
  • Clantag colour is same as name colour on mouse hover
  • Removed “invalid utf8 spam” for people with invalid names
    should just cleanly replace bad characters now.
  • Siege Engine Conversion Tweaks
    Siege engines can’t be converted in 0 seconds flat any more, and in fact cannot be sat into before conversion; This should make defending a forward ballista a little simpler and mean a little less “hot potato” seat swapping.

We’ll see how it goes over the weekend, thanks for bearing with us with some of these more experimental changes!

Have Fun!


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