Build 228! Finally!

Restart your game to auto-patch!

We’re probably happier than you guys to see this one out the door, haha. It’s taken way too long.

First thing you’ll notice is the different menus and the awesome menu music by David Pencil (in-game music coming soon), but that’s not all that’s changed:

Collapses are the largest in-game alteration – we’re working to make them more predictable at the moment (short on time…) but I think most players will like the extra residue and danger of a large collapse, as well as limited ability to ride atop blocks in a collapse – we’re hoping to get a proper rubble system happening soon too, I’ve got a few ideas there. I’m planning on adding to the effects first chance I get, been watching a lot of building demolitions.

(be goddamn careful)

Customisation is now done in the settings menu rather than in-game – we think this makes a lot more sense but might easily confuse people.

There’s now a quick-join feature in-game! We’ll probably have to tweak the selection algorithm a little with real-world

There’s now some access to the internet in-game, allowing you to browse the forums, chat on IRC and read the KAG manual without opening your browser! This seems to have issues with older graphics cards, which we’ll look into.

A bunch of smaller fixes have been snuck in as well – it no longer says “his” when girls kill people, autobalance should be less retarded and less rude, physics should be less CPU intensive, bridges aren’t so cheap, doors aren’t so expensive, resources are lost in ripping out bridges and doors, there’s clear terms of service, see the changelog for more!

For server hosts, you can now specify overrides for the number of slots, IP and port number on the command line, as well as a break_time_static variable that lets you set the building time at the start in seconds that’s independent of the number of players, due to popular request. See the changelog for details.

Needless to say, there are probably some very strange bugs that’ll only become apparent through the heavier testing of a public build so we’ll be running bugfixes as needed. Hit up to report issues to get them dealt with sooner!

Changes build 203-228:

– added pre-game launcher
– added (windows only for now) ingame web browser with links to:
  (manual, wiki, IRC chat, creating account)
– added server favorites
– added in-game Manual by SirSalami
– removed player name mouse hover chat
– clicked server in server browser updates ping meter icon
– improved first ping performance in server browser
– added double click join to server browser
– added building time/match started information in server preview
– added menu music
– changed collapse physics
– fixed ambient sounds
– fixed screenshot folder on Linux
– fixed crash in editor mode when jumping on bridge
– fixed builder can’t pick 3rd heart
– fixed door pick sound being wood
– builder has to stand still to build
– autoupdater does not require restart
– changed collapse physics
– console accepts and / for commands
– bridge takes 20 wood
– bridges and ladders can’t be built only against dirt background
– optimized all game object collisions
– icons in scoreboard are double size
– class icons point in same direction and builder is distinguished from sword more
– can’t shield against falling blocks
– can’t destroy rooms after match has started (anti-griefing)
– fixed far view on fixed camera for lower resolutions
– added disclaimer after server startup for sv_allow_globals_mods variable
– rooms require 5 hits to destroy
– changed some HUD fonts (including above head chat)
– added command-line option to start server with specific ip,port,slots eg.
  ip port 50213 slots 32
– added break_time_static for a build time that doesn’t change with number of players

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