Doesn’t have anything new (like darkness), because that is still not finished.

Changes 265-274:

– fixed “reason 5” players ban
– fixed “COLLAPSED BY” console spam
– fixed giant holes in mountain maps
– fixed server browser crash after closing password box
– fixed server browser password box letters visible
– fixed / not working with autocomplete in console
– fixed some collision bugs
– ladder/tree climbing animation uses walk animation
– clients from server browser connect through sv_ip variable if specified
– fixed being in DOS format
– fixed unit counter not appearing on first join
– removed adding 10 coins for placing gold bullion

A note from Geti about the new build and the current development angle, slightly out of context (full context here)

Firstly, we’re not planning on selling KAG or just dropping development any time soon.

Secondly, (I know this is going to frustrate a lot of people) the game is currently in alpha. That means everything is subject to change. Anything can and probably 70% of stuff will go through more change. Once the game goes beta, we’ll be doing focussed refinement cycles and finalising everything. I know it’s frustrating when there are bugs, but it’s also frustrating when development moves at a snails pace.

We’ve just done a bugfix release (interrupting zombie development work) to help appease the masses and to keep the game playable, but honestly I sat down and played public for about 3 hours today (on alias and off) and only a few bugs actually interfered with the game (squeezing, counter issues and some lag teleporting). The chat up the top bugs me a little, but that’s MM’s choice.

Thing is, when we sit down and tweak things and remove bugs for months and months, the game stops being fun to work on and you guys stop seeing any real progress.

As for reporting bugs, plus reminding me on IRC is the best way to go about it. I’ll forward them on if they aren’t already on the list of things to be fixed, as we have our own internal listing system. Most of the bugs that get reported are things we already know about and have scheduled time to fix, but it’s better to have duplicates than no reports either way.

Now, me and the community…

Of course I’ll stay around and chat with you guys! I’m not going to vanish, though as traffic increases I’m not going to be able to keep up with the amount of material posted (I’m having trouble as is). If it seems like I care about the community, it’s because I do – don’t forget that.

Hopefully that sheds some light on where we’re at and where we’re planning on going.

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