Build 345 Released!

This is a big maintenance patch fixing a whole BUNCH of issues. This isn’t still zombies multiplayer patch because that isn’t working yet. Next time, which should be real quick… The good thing is there are some fixes for CTF gold servers so they can use boulders for example.

Most important changes are:

  • Added a new server filter called “Beginner”. This will be set as default for new players. It filters everything in the servers browser except small Rapid Team Deathmatch servers which are ideal to get into the game fast and easy without being overwhelmed by CTF.
  • Team chat key is [Y] – sorry for the change but we had to make it compatible for OSX. Additionally you can use [T] for regular chat which is a very quick way to access chat [T] / [Y].
  • Guards are Green in scoreboard, Global Admins are Purple and RCON admins are Red
  • Banning is completely overhauled. Blacklists, whitelists and ban saving to a file should work. Griefers are gonna have a much harder time now.

Changes build 319-345:

– authentication system now uses KAG API (

– fixed duplicate IP preventing from LAN play

– user roles separated (admin, guard, tester)

– added new default gamemode Rapid Team Deathmatch

– added default “Beginner” server filter

– default chat key is [T] or [ENTER]

– team chat is launched with [Y]

– vote keys on Mac OSX are [+] and [-]

– strings are loaded from .irrst files located in Base/StringTables

– fixed barrier dissapearing on client when match not started

– added random Lance bot to addBot command

– error message for duplicate master login

– fixed securitysetup using username instead of name

– fixed builder killing with hammer msg

– fixed couple of crash reasons

– fixed network clantag exploit

– fixed net logging of IPs

– added serverMessage(“message”); console/script command

– boulder multiplayer crash fixed

– fixed network connection memory leak

– added no GUI mode (F6)

– fixed squeezing

– fixed server console “CAN’T PICK’ spamming

– removed console “banned client trying to connect” msg

– ESCAPE also closes scoreboard

– added “Open external browser” button to awesomium browser

– server has chat texts logged in console

– random chests and lanterns are specified in the generator file

– all disconnection messages appear in popups

– fixed lantern and kegs in non-gold servers

– fixed launcher graphic flickering

– fixed connection messages error and returning to menu

– admins are now red in scoreboard

– fixed spikes spawning dummy blocks

– Ban system overhaul (unban)

        unban works via username

        bans stored in securitysetup.cfg        

        ban player needs to take username param

– removed hwid related ban stuff

– removed bans on kick

– guards and admins can always see player labels on hover

– when someone marks for vote kicks server announces it

– fixed wrong rooms appearings in mods

– game launches from menu only after succesful connect

– fixed bad delta msgs on server on player join

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EDIT: There’s a rather large issue in the threading of the new API calls, which is causing servers to crash. Will hopefully be fixed within the hour, sorry about that!


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