Build 359 Released!

This patch is mostly there to fix in-game links to work with the new website. Haven’t seen it yet? Go ahead and enjoy. This is mostly the work of jrgp and SirSalami, credits go to them.

But we have fixed a lot of bugs too, some of them critical.
If you’re wondering what the numbers are next to fixes, those are the bug tracker numbers cause we are working tightly with that now. 

Changes 354-359:

– fixed linux and mac “Connect to…” not working (0000001)

– fixed player lag issue

– fixed loud sound glitch on Mac and Linux

– fixed permastun when fallen on somebody

– new body pickup icon

– added slight bump for players colliding in air to avoid dancing on head

– fixed building castle wall over trap bridge giving coins (0000198)

– added “report bugs” links to bug tracker in game launcher

– fixed manual link in game launcher

– fixed destroyed bridge turning to blue team and giving coin (0000229)

– fixed large ban number crash (0000227)

– updated all sprites to be arranged horizontally

– added a bounce on wall damage to prevent instant kill

– disabled gliding while bomb jumping/catapulting to balance horizontal power

– added a frame to knights for bomb jumping/catapulting

– made bomb knockback on standing targets smaller

– fixed flying into walls kills you (0000220)

– too high ping ban time lowered to 5 mins

– move n_Graph to the left

– if player not rcon and does rcon command it gets sent to guards as [RCON (name)] (trying to login…)

– fixed gaining stone on repairing last castle block destruction block

– fixed archer can pick up rubble rocks as arrows

– fixed guard cannot be kicked by rcon

– fixed shield stomp completely destroying

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