Build 370 Released!

Last week was a monster in terms of productivity. We had this ready Friday but then I was too tired to release and fell asleep. During the weekend Geti was doing the Ludum Dare and I strained my neck for some crazy reason and couldn’t move (I’d like to say it was in a swordfight but it’s probably related to sitting in front of a monitor :D).

So we have a massive list of fixes and changes. Some are zombie related but we are perfectionists and still won’t release this officially. We don’t want to just make multiplayer working but add some elements that we feel are missing from Zombie Fortress.

We now have Spectator mode [BACKSPACE].

Resource counter works a bit differently. It takes a few mins to get used to but then you’ll see that it is awesome. The way it works now is it says how much you’ve added recently and only updates the resource count after a while.  So if you’ve just mined for 50 stone it will say 0 +50 stone in green. After a while the green +50 will merge with the white 0 and say 50. It’s pretty cool, check it out.

Geti moved nearly all player class variables into the Rules files. Server admins prepare for some fun! Be sure to make a copy of your Rules files instead of modifying the existing ones because they get overwritten in autoupdates.

Networking should be improved very much. I optimized the server code to make it less CPU intense, but this will result in more bandwidth usage unfortunately. Admins, report back if you prefer it this way.

Other than I have started a whole new scriptable components system that was mentioned in previous posts and FliesLikeABrick will be working full-time with us for a while. So you can count him as a 3rd coder now.

Changes 360-370:

The numbers in the changelog are bug tracker report numbers.

– fixed builders pick up catapult stone in mid air (#250)

– add per-gamemode modding of archer variables

– fixed crash where lightmap was null

– fixed some hud readout bugs (thick stone)

– fixed some issues with #164’s fix and tree chopping

– fixed trees heal when reaching the bottom of the trunk (#164)

– fixed crash in menu when no player exists

– backspace menu when not playing game is the same as when playing game

– Added previous bitstream compatibility through  *force_bool methods

– fixed zombie mode order crash

– fixed no spawn as zombie when changed team to red

– fixed disconnecting from server when launched server browser

– singleplayer gamemodes get paused when in ESC menu

– fixed crash after launching zombie mode after deathmatch mode

– zombie/migrant bodies collide in air with players and hurt them

– added sound when zombies fall or hit walls

– added random pitch variation for most sounds

– added resource drop amount on hud

– fixed migrant-player colliding

– fixed big particles not spawned when in solid block

– tweaked zombie network syncing

– added spectator mode

– fixed bot archers not shooting arrows

– fixed wraith explosion on net

– fixed wall hugging on ladder

– added “killed by zombie message”

– builder only stays close to buddy and defends himself from zombies

– synced migrant bubbles on net

– creative/Sandbox servers are also add to beginner servers now

– fixed disconnecting player message

– fixed crash when closed ingame browser at a wrong time

– fixed zoom out from editor affecting other games (#246)

– fixed arrows going through walls (#125)

– workshop blocks cost 2 wood now

– all CTF workshops cost 50 wood (no stone required) (+30 gold siege workshop)

– migrants now say hello on network

– backwall on spikes gives materials resolved (#208)

– moved body throw offset a bit to avoid self collision

– archer can’t hurt others when stomping

– fixed shield adding velocity on ground

– made inventory counters 50x more awesome (and they read the correct numbers for more cases too)

– fixed coins from frozen players (#16)

– dropped amount of coins from shooting catas (IRC request)

– fixed custom heads for non-admins

– made guard hat only apply to builder head and class default head

– added custom head check in player (checks if name matches a custom head player or if is guard or admin)

– added class modding to CTF rules

– bound runner variables to rules

– added falldamage vars to rules config (-> balancing ahoy)

– fixed crash in starter caused by autoupdate not initialised

– nerfed sheild push to help with desync and wall damage

– fixed wall sliding + fixed notch jumping (related)

– added server_setup_info.txt and readme.txt

– modified readme.txt and server_setup_info.txt for nicer formatting

– added stats format info to server_setup_info.txt

– added /listbans function to list all currently active bans

– fixed bug in bans (time was in seconds not minutes)

– made bans more user friendly with their output

– stats updated to more easily parsable format

– fixed some stats/counting bugs (#191, #225)

– fixed typo in tutorial (#197)

– fixed typo in builder menu (#264)

– added curl license to distribution (#295)

– fixed u_shownames not showing enemy names/health (#142)

– fixed fall screaming at wrong time

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